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Do you remember?

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FRERARD ONESHOT. I know loads of people have used the 'do you remmeber' idea, but I wanted to have a go and see what I could come up with.

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As I said in the summary, loads of people have used the 'do you remember' idea. I'm not stealing anyone's ideas. I was thinking about possibly making this into a full story. Idk. Review and tell me what you think. xo

Do you remember when we first met?
You smiled and told me your name. We walked to English together- I was the new kid.

Do you remember when you walked me home because you were worried i'd get lost? You took me right to my doorstep and told me you'd meet me there the very next day, before school.

Do you remember on my second day of our school I got punched in the face? And you broke the guys arm? You didn't realise that was my younger brother joking about with me.

Do you remember when we got an afterschool detention because all through our music lesson you played guitar and I sang along. We really did piss the teacher off didn't we? I suppose it's her fault for not liking the Misfits.

Do you remember when you took me round your house and your mum thought I was a girl? And when she called me Geraldine, you laughed so much you had tears in your eyes.

Do you remember that day we went to see Blink 182? That night changed my life. Not for all obvious reasons..

And remember when they played 'The Rock Show' and you screamed 'Geraldine' at me, then kissed my cheek. You told me you fell in love with me at the rock show. I miss that.

Do you remember after knowing eachother for 3 weeks, we became inseparable?

And that time you slept round my house for a whole week, all because you fell out with your dad? You never told me why you both fell out. You told me it was personal..

Do you remember when you moved away? And your parents told you to never see me again? I do.

Do you remember when we would meet up every week?

Do you remember when you told me your dad hurt you? And you showed me, you showed me the burns he gave you..and when he gave you that black eye?

Do you remember the last time we saw eachother Frank? Because I do. I remember it too fucking well.

We met up in our usual spot. The park, 2 hours from mine, 2 hours from yours..

You told me you couldn't do it anymore. You told me you were afraid, and that you felt like you were dying...You were Frankie, you were.

By that time your dad had broken you. You had bruises, every where. You ached, all over..

And it was all my fault.
You were MY boyfriend. But your dad was homophobic.

I was the reason you killed yourself.

I was the reason you hurt every single fucking day.

But I couldn't help you Frankie, it was too late..

I remember calling you, it was your birthday, Halloween. 31st October. 10:33pm?
You were drunk.
You told me to go to art college and do my best. You told me that I could make a career with my artwork.
And then you told me that you loved me.
Then..then I heard you pull the trigger. Just as I told you that I loved you too.

I miss you Frankie, I do. Every day.

I remember it like it was yesterday. But it wasn't, it was a year today.

And here I am. I'm doing well in art college, Frankie. I'm doing it for you.

You saved me, baby. You helped me find the real me. I just wish I was there to save you.

Sleep tight my angel.

G. xo
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