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Fulham - You're my new home

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This is a story about a girl called Ebony, who has run away from home to go live in Fulham. Along the way, she meets The Midnight Beast.

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I ran, where I was going I didn't know. All I knew, is I didn't want to see her ever again. Slowly I looked over my shoulder, holding back the tears. My house was in the distance now, and I never wanted to go back. I kept running, seeing it dissapear as I went. Suddenly a body hit me, and a rush of air waved over me, as my back hit the hard pavement floor. I cringed in pain, wincing at the stones, digging into my back, from the force of the fall.

"Bloody hell!" I heard a voice say. I sat up, holding my head, my vision blurry. "Are you okay?" The voice came again, and I started to take focus on a tall, slender man stood in front of me. The first thing I noticed were his orange dunks, then his black skinny jeans, his 'Drop Dead' t-shirt. My head slowly rose, as I looked further up his body, and to his face. The first thing that stood out was his brown curly hair, topped off with an 'Obey' hat. I saw his deep brown eyes looking down at me. Slowly I turned away, placing my hands on the floor, and pushing myself back onto my feet.

"Sorry," I said, gaining my balance. I bent my back, back and then stood up straight. The pain was still there, but I tried to ignore it.
"I'm sorry," the man replied, smiling. I half-smiled, and waved goodbye. The man said bye and I walked away.

I walked past the entrance to the train station. My mind wondered for awhile. I didn't want to see her anymore, yet if I still lived in this city, some how I would run into her. I took a few steps back and looked into the train station. People were rushing around, hurrying for their trains. Nodding slowly, I started to walk in and bought a ticket for the next train to Fulham. This was where my best friend had gone to live, after moving away from Leeds. I'd go find her when I arrived. I quickly made my way to the station where the train was pulling up, and climbed aboard. I took a seat on the train, and pulled my bag off of my shoulder. It was the only thing that I had (apart from the stuff inside it). I placed it on the table in front of me, and took out my phone and iPod. The train was about to set off, as two boys sat in front of me. One of them I recognised from earlier. The guy I had bumped into. I quickly looked down at my phone, texting my best friend, telling her I was on my way to Fulham. As I did, one of the boys spoke to me.

"You're from're the one I bumped into." He said. I slowly looked up from my phone screen and nodded. They were both looking at me. "Why were you running?" He asked me. I tapped my phone gently, not wanting to tell him the real reason on why I was running.
"To..catch this train. I might have missed it otherwise." My phone vibrated in my hand, giving me a reason to look away. My best friend had texted me back. I quickly replied. The boys were speaking. They mentioned something about a band. A band called The Midnight Beast. I looked at them. The other man was taller than the one from earlier, and had straight hair, but he also wore a cap. He was wearing a top that said 'Family' on it. He had a small beard and moustache. He saw me looking at him and smiled.
"I'm Stefan by the way, and this is Dru." The guy from earlier said. He had seemed to notice Dru facing me.
"And I'm Ebony." I said, smiling softly.
"Hello Ebony!" Stefan replied, waving. I laughed softly and put my ear-phones in, turning on my iPod.
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