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if your gonna be invovled in day of silence please read :D

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Alrighty guys i may do a fanfic for Day of silence which if you dont know already is a day where we moarn the lives of those in the GLBTQ community that have been lost to bullying. Id also appericiate it if people who go to westridge in overland park ks sign a form that would allow us to have some activities planned for this day. We would like as many people as possible to join us in rememberance on day of silence as possible. And even if you dont attend westridge we'd love you to try and get this running at your own school. Posters, petitions,facebook, twitter, myspace, ANYTHING just spread the word my lovelys and do what you can to honor those who have been lost.

TerribleTeenager, Heartbroken Hellraiser, Death Destiny (Falcon_Dance),Hostile Halo, Dark Roitheart, Novicain Nightmare and Couragous Cougar! As in MCRmys heart of america chapter!
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