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You Had My Heart, At Least for The Most Part

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Gerard wants Frank in a more literal sense.

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Gerard tossed and turned in his large, empty bed. He was half asleep and crying, for he was so very tired, and so very scared of the darkness which incessantly tormented his brain and lurked in his nightmares. The image of Frank, broken and bruised in a hospital bed. Flashes of red, blood red, came occasionally, followed by disgusting things. Dirty needles puncturing skin, ribs being cracked open like eggs, teeth and blood and hair clumped and splattered on walls, and worst of all; the image which haunted him every night. 

Him and Frank alone on a dirty bed, in the middle of the blood and teeth and hair splattered walls. Him penetrating Frank and violating him in a way no man should ever be violated, blood seeping from places it shouldn't, and dirty, loud, single moans ringing out like sirens. But worst of all, Franks cold, lifeless, unseeing eyes staring up at him through thick black lashes.

And then of course, Gerard woke up.

He never fully remembered the nightmares he had had; except for the sheer panic and depression he still felt afterwards, and the occasional flash of colour. And then...the image of the room and the bed, and...Frank.  


It was the fifth night after Frank's death, and Gerard went down to the basement to see him, as was the usual. In his left hand he held a knife and a fork, and balanced perfectly on his right, was a plate. He set it down onto the table, and placed the knife and fork on either side. He then rubbed his tired, twitching eyes, and called out, "Frankie?!"

Of course, no answer came. Gerard walked over to the old freezer in the corner, and opened the door. Inside, lay Frank, although the unnatural position he was in wasn't really one of laying. Although Frank's body faced Gerard, his head didn't, as it was twisted right around, and squashed into the bottom corner of the freezer. Frank's skin was pale, and his hair was hard with flecks of ice in it, but Gerard was just relieved that the bloating and strange fluids coming out of him had stopped. He reached inside the freezer and scooped his arms around the corpse, shivering as his bare arms touched those of the very cold Frank, and lifted him out. Gerard carried him to the table, and lay him across it tenderly. Frank was now stretched across the entire length of the long wooden table, with his feet limply dangling off the edge.

Gerard climbed up onto the table with ease, and straddled the corpse. After a few minutes of brushing his fingers through his brown hair, he lent down and placed his lips upon the cold, icy ones of Frank. 

Gerard smiled, and murmured, "I love you Frankie."

Frank didn't reply, and this frustrated Gerard. Of course, he knew Frank couldn't reply. He was dead. But it frustrated Gerard none the less. All he wished for was for Frank to reply that he loved him back.

"But you're all mine now, anyway..." Gerard said to himself comfortingly. "All. Mine."

Gerard looked into Franks unseeing, hazel eyes and touched his cold lips gently. "I'd die for you." He said softly. "I would have died for you..." Gerard grew angrier. "Why don't you love me back?! Why do you have to love that stupid bitch Jamia?!"

When no reply came, Gerard lifted himself off Frank, and pushed him off the table. The body hit the floor with a snap, and Gerard clutched his hands to his ears and moaned at the noise. He took awhile to regain his composure, but when he did, he held dark look in his eyes. Gerard climbed off the table and walked over to the twisted corpse, taking the blunt food knife off the table as he did so. Like a flash, he unbuttoned Frank's white dress shirt (one that Gerard had dressed him in previously), and once again, straddled his cold body. Gerard slid his hands up Frank's smooth, cold chest, and kissed each nipple tenderly. He then removed a razor, a pair of scissors, a large sharp stone, a needle, and some thick black thread from his back pocket, and placed them beside Frank's head.

Gerard took hold of the razor, and slid the protector cover off carefully. He hovered the razor above his inner wrist for a moment, and then made a quick, hard slice across the entire width of it. The triple-bladed razor left three long thin red lines in Gerard's wrist. Slowly, dots of more blood appeared along the lines, and a few dripped over and snaked down Gerard's arm. He didn't make a sound, not even a cry or whimper of pain. The blade was sharp, and Gerard was now calm.

He then began shaving Frank's chest. Dark curly hairs fell to the floor as Gerard progressed, until Frank's entire front was smooth and soft. Gerard lent down and once again kissed Frank's chest. He then sat up, and took hold of the knife. He placed it on the corpses neck for a moment, and Gerard imagined how Frank would shiver away from the cold metal, if he were alive.

He picked the knife back up, and placed the blade on Frank's pale chest. He then quickly and powerfully, made a sharp cut downwards, closing his eyes as he did so. The soft sound of flesh being sliced open was heard, and Gerard felt wetness on his hand. He opened his eyes and saw that it was coated in a thin layer of blood. 

He grew worried, until he realised it was his own blood, not that of Frank. Although Frank now had a long deep cut trailed down his chest, no blood seeped or spilled from the opening. It simply sat inside, thick, dead and unflowing. Gerard touched the cut gently, then began to dig his fingers inside. He prised the cut further open, causing the sides to tear and split. When Gerard had successfully gotten a finger inside, he pulled it out again, and placed it in him mouth, sucking on it thoughtfully. It was strange; thicker than blood, yet tasted more metallic. When Gerard had sucked his finger clean, he squeezed three fingers of each hand into the cut, and began pulling the opening apart even more. Frank's skin was tough, and didn't tear to begin with; so Gerard resorted to taking the blunt knife and sawing at the edges of the cut, to make the opening wider. As the knife was blunt, Gerard had to hack his way through the skin, and when a tear was eventually created, it was uneven and messy. Clumps of skin stuck to the knife, as well as the blood of both Frank and Gerard.

Gerard dropped the knife and sat back to survey his work. He was pleased with the progress he'd made; there was now a 10 inch long and 5inch wide opening in Frank's chest. The skin which had been pulled back was tattered at the edges, and he'd gotten through most of the skin protecting the sternum (breastbone). Gerard wiped away the blood laying on Frank's breast bone, and took hold of the large sharp stone. He kissed it for luck, and flicked his finger along the sharp end, smiling as it drew blood. Gerard then proceeded to hold he stone above his head, and bring it down with force upon Frank's breastbone. Frank's entire frail body shuddered under the pressure. But the sternum did not crack. Gerard repeated, this time bringing down more force. A crack rang out, but it was of another one of Frank's ribs breaking. Gerard grew frustrated and brought the rock down again, his time missing Frank's breastbone completely, and instead smashing it into Frank's pretty face. The sharp end of the stone lodged itself in Frank's eye socked, and Gerard cried out in horror when he realised what he'd done. Carefully, he drew back the stone and was relieved when he realised that Frank's eyeball was undamaged, however his cheekbone looked cracked and bloody. 

Gerard took a moment to breathe, and then for one last time, smashed the rock against Frank's sternum. His sternum cracked instantly, making Gerard cry out in glee and throw the bloody rock across the room. Gerard began poking and pulling at Frank's breastbone hurriedly, and was relieved when as he pushed onto Frank's ribcage, his dagger-shaped sternum gave way and opened slightly. With much effort, Gerard pulled the sternum apart, shuddering slightly when Frank's entire bone structure seemed to move as he did so. Then Gerard saw it. Frank's heart. The object for which had desired for so many months and years, and now he had it. Literally and metaphorically. Frank was all his, for Gerard owned his heart.

The only problem was removing it. Gerard saw this as a quite disgusting although necessary task, and picked up the scissors from where they lay. Gerard didn't have complete access to Frank's heart, as the crack through the sternum was only about 3 inches wide; so Gerard had to guess, most of the time. He slid the scissors inside Frank's exposed and open chest, and wiggled them around a little, causing a sloshing sound. Gerard peered into the crack and spied the dull coloured main arteries connecting the heart to the rest of Frank. Gerard opened the sharp scissors wide, and clamped them down on one of the arteries. They cut through some, but Gerard found he had to open and close the scissors several times before he had cut through the artery fully. And then he did, vast amounts of foul-smelling blood overfilled and poured from the hole in Frank's sternum.

Gerard gagged, and leant to his left, as he threw up all over the basement floor.
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