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Figured Wrong

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Holly makes a new friend. A trip to the shelter yields an unpleasant surprise.

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“What’s Holly doing?” Mikey asked joining his wife at the living room window.

“She went out there because that old man across the street was yelling at the Thomas twins about their dog being in his yard.” Alicia answered as her eyes continued to watch the scene being played out.

“Didn’t you warn her about him?’ Mikey asked.

Alicia took a sip of her coffee. “I tried.”

“Well shit.” Mikey whispered.

As they watched the twins picked up their dog and quickly carried him back across the street to their yard. Holly continued to stand and talk to the old man who was gesturing wildly.

“I better go out there.” Mikey said. “I’ll go throw on some clothes.”

While he was gone Alicia continued to stand at the window watching. The early morning sun had just risen and she knew the day was going to be hot. She and Holly had been enjoying their first cup of coffee when they’d heard the ruckus. Alicia had quickly filled Holly in about the neighbor. He was mean, always complaining and everyone tried to stay out of his way.

A few minutes later Mikey reappeared. As he went towards the front door Alicia’s voice stopped him. “Mikey, look.”

He walked back over to the window. Their neighbor looked as if he’d calmed down and they could see that Holly was laughing. “What the hell?”

“I don’t know.” Alicia said, “But it looks like she’s actually having a nice conversation with him.”

As they watched Holly and Mr. Addams began to walk towards his house.

‘Where are they going?” Mikey asked.

“Holy shit, it looks like he’s invited her in. I can’t believe it.”

Mikey frowned, “What should we do?”

Alicia shrugged, “Well, nothing I suppose. I guess Beauty tamed the Beast.”


“This was Estelle’s pride and joy.” Hal said pointing to the floor to ceiling bookshelves. “Made these for her the first year we lived here. She loved her books.” There was such sadness in his voice.

“How long has she been gone?’ Holly asked softly.

“She died almost 20 years ago.” He sighed. “She’d hate that I let her books get so dusty.”

Holly looked around the large study. “She has some wonderful titles here.”

He smiled, “You aren’t like those rock star people over there. Is that your little girl I’ve seen?”

“Yes." Holly smiled, “Her name is Molly. And those rock star people are my friends.” She looked into his faded blue eyes, “You know Hal you can’t judge a book by its cover. They are very nice people.”

He smiled, “That sounds like something Estelle would have said.”

Holly’s phone suddenly vibrated. She pulled it out of her pocket and read the text.

“I suppose they are worried about you?” Hal guessed correctly.

“Good guess."

He laughed, “Text them back and say the old ogre hasn’t tried to eat you yet.”

Holly grinned, “You know I think that’s what I’ll say.” She typed in the message.

Mikey read the text then laughed. He held it out of Alicia to read.

After talking for about twenty minutes Holly said. “Well Hal it was nice meeting you but I need to get back now. Molly should be waking up soon.”

He nodded, “It was a pleasure to meet you Holly.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Hal.”

He walked her to the sidewalk. “If you find yourself with some free time you and your daughter feel free to come over.” His eyes took on a far away look, “I have a whole bedroom full of dolls and toys she might like to see. They belonged to my daughter.”

Holly placed her hand on his shoulder gently, “Is she gone too?”

His eyes watered, “Yes, Estelle and I lost our Sally when she was only seven.”

It only felt right that Holly shared her pain, “I understand. I lost my oldest daughter several years ago.”

Hal looked surprised. “I’m very sorry to hear that.”

“Thank you.” Holly whispered.

For a moment they simply stood silently each lost in memories.

“Well I hope to see you again, Holly.”

“You will.” Holly promised. “And I’m sure Molly will love getting to visit with Sally’s toys.” She gave his a quick hug then crossed the street.

Mikey and Alicia met her at the door.

“Holy shit, Holly. I can’t believe you actually talked to him.” Alicia said, “Shit, that guy is notorious in this neighborhood. He’s called the cops on just about everyone for something or another.”

Holly smiled sadly, “He’s just a lonely old man.”

Mikey shook his head; “I gotta admit I was worried when I saw you going into his house.”

“Why?” Holly laughed. “Afraid he was gonna eat me?"

Alicia laughed, “Seriously what was with that text? Did he really tell you to say that?”

“He did.”

“Fuck, the guy has a sense of humor?”

“He’s really very sweet.” Holly said moving towards the kitchen and her now cold cup of coffee.

“You seriously can make friends with anyone.” Alicia said pouring Holly a fresh cup.

Holly shrugged, “You just have to listen. Most people just want someone to listen, they want to feel like someone cares about them.”

“So what did you talk about? What’s his story?’ Mikey asked.

Holly took a sip of coffee then old them what she had learned about her new friend, Hal.


“Yo, Gerard. Where the fuck is your mind today?”

Gerard looked over at his friend James. “Sorry I zoned out. What did you say?”

“Zoned out is right. You on something and if so why aren’t you sharing?” James laughed.

“Nothing at all but I’m thinking a drink might be in order.” Gerard said signaling the waiter.

“So I was asking you about the tour? I tried to get info from Lindsey but she claimed she didn’t know nothing.”

Gerard sighed. James had been a close friend for several years; he and his wife had both become close friends but the truth was they were really Lindsey’s friends first. He couldn’t help but wonder if he and Lindsey broke up if they’d still consider him a friend. That thought made him want a drink even more. “Shit, that fuck is ignoring me."

James glanced across the restaurant. “Dude, he’s just busy. What’s your problem today?”

“Nothing.” Gerard lied.

James looked at him closely. “Yeah, if you say so. So what’s the deal about the tour? You addin’ any more dates?”

The truth was Gerard had no idea. The record company was disappointed in the latest albums sales so right now things seemed to be in limbo. “Yeah, soon.”

“We’re getting something going soon too. I know Lindsey can’t wait to get back on stage.” James said snagging a bread stick while they waited for their lunch to arrive.

Gerard was shocked. Lindsey hadn’t mentioned to him she was eager to get back on tour. But of course anymore she didn’t really tell him anything. The waiter arrived and Gerard ordered a drink.

“So anyway, it’s good to see ya, man.” James said. “We’ve been out of touch for too long. We’re having a party Dec 29th and you guys gotta come. Sorta our New Years Eve party.”

Gerard nodded, “Sounds good.”

“It will be." James promised. “Mikey and Alicia gotta come too. Hey think that friend staying with them would want to come?”

“Holly.” Gerard supplies her name. “I don’t know.”

"She’s pretty straight edge?”

Gerard nodded, ‘Yeah.”

James laughed , "Then she ain’t gonna wanna come. We’re all gonna be all kinds of fucked up.”

Gerard took a long swallow of his drink. He was sure it wouldn’t be the kind of party Holly would want to attend.


“Are you sure you don’t mind watching Molly?”

Alicia laughed, “God, I wish you’d stop asking that. You know we love watching M. Now get going. Christa just pulled up.”

Holly hugged her friend. “Okay, I should be back before her bedtime.”

“It you’re not I’ll handle it.” Alicia smiled. She watched Holly walk to Christa’s car then slowly closed the front door.

“She off to the shelter again?” Mikey asked walking in from the backyard.

Alicia nodded, “Yep. Christa called a few minutes ago on her way and asked Holly if she wanted to go. They are gonna help serve dinner tonight.”

“She really likes doing shit like that, doesn’t she?” Mikey asked.

“You can tell it makes her feel good to help others but sometimes I think she pushes herself to hard. She looks so tired.”

“At least she is eating more.” Mikey said.

Alicia nodded, “Yeah, she’s forcing herself to do it. I just wonder if she would though if we weren’t watching her. I really worry about her. Sometimes I just feel like I’m watching someone I care about running towards a wall.”

Mikey gave his wife a confused look.

“It’s like she’s pushing herself so hard because she’s running from demons.”

He thought a minute. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s like she keeps pushing so she doesn’t have to stop. Like she’s afraid to stop.”

Alicia sighed, “As close as I am to Holly I just feel there is so much about her I don’t know. And I really want to understand.”

He put his arm around her. “Hey, we’re trying our best to help her.”

“I know.” Alicia said softly, “I just hope it’s enough.”

“So what’s our plan for dinner?” Mikey asked.

“I was thinking I’ll get Molly to help me make dinner when she wakes up from her nap. Maybe spaghetti?”

“That sounds good.” He smiled, “You’re really good with her, you know.”

Alicia smiled, “I love kids. And besides I gotta practice for when we have our own.”

Mikey grinned, “Wanna practice making a kid?” As soon as the question left his lips they both heard Molly walking down the hallway.

Alicia laughed, “That will have to wait until tonight but the answer is a definite yes.”


Christa and Holly were both putting on their aprons and waiting to receive their assignments.

“Whatever we’re serving tonight it smells good.” Christa said.

Holly nodded, “I’m glad we came. Looks like they are gonna be short handed.” She said looking around at the other volunteers who were gathering around. Suddenly her eyes grew large. “Oh shit.” She muttered.

Christa eyes followed her gaze. “Oh my God. What is she doing here?”

“Looks like she’s volunteered too.” Holly said slowly as she watched Eliza take an apron from the head leader.

“Her volunteer?” Christa laughed, “Okay seriously I can’t imagine that. I’d heard she was out here in LA.”

“From Alicia?”

Christa nodded, “Yeah, she told me about you guys running into her.”

“Then you know it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The woman hates me.”

“What do you think she’s up to?” Christa asked.

Holly was still watching Eliza. Suddenly their eyes met and Eliza smiled. “Oh shit." Holly muttered under her breath. “Got a feeling we’re about to find out.”

Eliza made her way across the room. “Hello. This is a surprise, I didn’t know you guys volunteered here.”

Holly and Christa both exchanged a look that made it clear they didn’t believe a word of that statement.

“Hello Eliza." Christa said trying to be polite.

Eliza smiled. “Good to see you, again. How have you been?"

“Just fine and you?”

“Oh I’m great. I’m out here visiting friends and one of them mentioned this shelter. I figured I’d make some time to help others. I like to do that, you know.”

“Really?” It was hard for Christa to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. She’d never liked Eliza but had always tried to remain civil to her for Gerard’s benefit.

“Oh yeah.” Eliza smiled. “Years ago I actually spent time living and working in a home for the less fortunate. Ever since then I make sure to do my part.”

“Eliza?” Joan called out. “We need you over here.”

Eliza nodded then turned back to Holly and Christa. “Well nice seeing both of you.”

As she walked away Christa turned to Holly. “Okay did we just have a close encounter with an alien?”

Holly giggled, “Yeah, seemed like it.”

Christa rolled her eyes, “What the hell was all that about? Does she really think we’re gonna believe she’s suddenly changed? And she’s acting like you two didn’t even have an argument.”

“I don’t know.” Holly sighed, “But what are the chances of her just showing up where we are working?”

“You know she planned on running into us. I just wonder how she knew we going to be here.”

“How she knew, and why she cared.” Holly said softly.

“She’s up to something.’ Christa said watching as Eliza talked to Joan. “Maybe she thinks getting in good with us will somehow get her in contact with Gerard.”

Holly thought a minute. “You think that’s what she still wants?”

Christa shrugged, “My guess would be yes. From what I heard she went nuts when he broke up with her. Shit she probably still thinks she’s in love with him. Good Lord, can’t she catch a clue? He’ll never want anything to do with her again after the shit she put him through.”

Holly sighed, “I’m just going to be polite if I have to talk to her.”

“Yeah, well I’m gonna try not to talk to her. She always pissed me off the way she treated you.”

“That was a long time ago.” Holly smiled sadly, “A lifetime ago.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that she was a bitch towards you.” Christa said angrily. “And Alicia told me what she said when you guys ran into her.”

Holly sighed, “She hated that Gee and I were friends.”

“Yeah, whatever." Christa said rolling her eyes. “Let’s just hope we don’t run into her here again.”

“Look, regardless of her reasons she is here helping so that’s good.”

Christa nodded, “Yeah, I suppose that’s true.”

For the next several hours Holly kept trying to remind herself of that but it wasn’t easy. She’d look over and see Eliza staring at her. And in that stare she saw pure hatred.


“So you really want to get back out on the road?” Gerard asked Lindsey as they sat down to dinner.

She answered without looking at him. “I suppose James told you?"

“Yeah, why the fuck do I have to hear what you want to do from him?” Gerard asked angrily.

Lindsey shot him an angry look, “Watch you mouth.”

Gerard glared. “You never cared about that before.”

“Yeah, well B’s getting old enough you need to watch you language around her.” Lindsey spooned some mashed potatoes on her daughter’s plate.

“I need to watch my language? What about you?”

Lindsey sighed, “Let’s not fight. Let’s just have a nice dinner, okay?"

Gerard tried to rein in his anger. “Fine. So is it true? You really wanna get back on the road?”

Lindsey put a small dollop of potatoes on her own plate. “Yeah, that surprise you?"

“Yeah, it does.” He answered quickly. “You haven’t mentioned it to me.”

“Gee, I’m part of a band. You knew that when we got married. Why do you suddenly think that’s not important to me?"

He took a sip of his drink before answering. “It’s been years. I just figured since you had B you’d changed your mind.”

“Well you figured wrong.” Lindsey said.

Gerard stared at her. “I guess I’ve figured a lot of things wrong.”

Lindsey frowned, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Suddenly he had no appetite. “Nothing. Nothing at all.” He threw down his napkin. “I’m gonna go get some work done.”

After he was gone Lindsey looked at the meal she’d prepared for them. Blinking back tears she spoke softly to Bandit. “Guess it’s just you and me kid.”

Bandit smiled at her mother unaware of the unhappiness surrounding her.
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