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ilovefrankieiero Part 4

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-01-31 - Updated: 2012-01-31 - 636 words

- A/N
Lets say that Mikey and Gerard are not related in this story to prevent any confusion xD just letting yew no xD nd i finally got my freaking charger back xDDD IM BACK :DD

sorree if it is short i dont want to rush into things :3 will get next chap up soon i promise :D i want this one done so i can get another one up xD

R&R :D

Appollonia :

Gerard held my hand tightly, my suitcase was in the other, my heartbeat was dramatically increasing, my palms were sweating, i was worring big time.
"Calm down, they will like you" Gerard said then kissed my cheek
"No buts"
"Fine" I said.
"So then this is it?" Sonny said pulling me into ANOTHER hug, Sonny has not stopped hugging me all day.
"Yeah" I muttered
"I really dont want to let you go Appollonia"
"I dont want to go either, a bit of me wants to stay and pretend that none of this is happening, while the other half is begging for me to leave and start over with my biological family" I said
"But we will all still be in contact" Michael said pointing the finger with his serious face slapped on him.
"Yes i will make sure of that" I said. Fredo just gave a small wave, we never really were close but always had that strange bond noone could understand.
"You ready?" Gerard asked. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and clasped Gerard's hand again, im glad he was with me through this.
"Yeah" I said
"Bye" Connie smiled with little tears rolling
"Ill miss my sissy the most" I laughed
"Oh fuck yeah the only bad thing your leaving me with a bunch of guys noone to tell the girl shit to" She smiled
"I will have the phone" I said
"haha" She smiled sarcastically and me and Gerard walked out the door and got into the car and i drove off ready to start over but i will not ever forget the Coreleone family i mean i grew up there come on?

Frank :

"I WHAT!" I was shocked, i mean SHOCKED.
"You have a sister" My dad repeated
"Calm she will be arriving in a few minutes" My dad was obviously freaking out aswell. He only told me those 4 words he wont give me any other clues. Is she older? Is she younger? Is her mum the same as my mum?
"Oh calm down sweetie" My mum came through the door.
"But still, so much will be revealed today" My dad said.
"What do you eman by that?" I asked
"Nothing, why dont ou invite Ray and Mikey over" My dad suggested
"Kay" I grabbed my phone because it was pure effort going across the street to call for Mikey and going around the corner for Ray.
"Your getting lazier and lazier" My mum lauughed
"Ah well noone is perfect" I smiled. A few minutes later the door knocked and i almost caught my breath so did my dad. My dad stood up and answered the door to Mikey and Ray, i let my breath out that i didnt realize i was holding.
"GUYS" I punched them on the arm each
"What?" They said
"Dont give me a fucking heartattack!" I said
"Or me" My dad laughed
"This is not funny" My mum said
"Anyway" Mikey said. Then the door knocked again and i took a deeper breath and my dad went over to the door and put his hand on tha handle
"Frank?" He said
"Yeah?" I asked
"Are you ready for a completly different life?" He asked
"Yeah but i doubt it will change much" I said
"Oh it will" My dad said and opened the door
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