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Kiss me you animal.

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!!Frerard!! Gerard and Frank are best friends but when a particular conversation comes up, unexpected things happen.

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Hey, a small oneshot. This happened in real life and I thought it would make a great oneshot? Story? Idk yet, if people say they want more I may write more.

Gerard and Frank. Frank and Gerard. Whichever way you said it those two words sounded right together. For years these boys had been best friends, Frank was openly bisexual and Gerard was still confused about his sexual orientation, he liked girls but he also liked guys, it was a toughy. He often finds himself staring at certain people. Even though Gerard was comfortable with what was happening, none of his friends knew about how he truely felt. Only Mikey.

Mikey was Gerard's little brother, not only his little brother but he was also, like, his relationship councillor. Mikey was the first, and only, one to know about Gerard's feelings for the same sex. Even though Mikey accepted him, Gerard worried that the others wouldn't.

Frank had known he was bi since he was around 14, he caught himslef staring, looking at gay pornography, these feelings for the same sex as him weren't normal, he thought it was a phase at first but then as the years went by it became apparent it wasn't. Now at the age of 18 he was open with his sexuality and he was comfortable. He had only had a few boyfriends over the couple of years but all they wanted was sex, Frank wanted something much deeper than that, he wanted a loving caring person who would love him for who and what he was.

Gerard had always liked Frank, but lately it's has been starting to change, lately he has started to like him more than a friend. He had feelings for Frank. Every time his friend would smile, his grin would make Gerard's knees turn to jelly. And those eyes! Those eyes did things to Gerard that only pot could do.

But all those feelings, they were wasted. Frank didn't like Gerard like that, he loved him, yes; but he didn't LOVE him. Or so Gerard thought.

It was a monday night and Ray, Mikey, Frank and Gerard were walking home from school. The sky was grey, moody, the wind was harsh and powerful almost throwing Frank off his feet. Ray's fro was being waved around like it was in a tornado and Gerard's black hair looked like a hay stack. Mikey's straightened hair was starting to curl and dance above his head, the same as his brother's.

"Gee! My hair, oh my god is it messed up?!"

"Mikey, chill, it's fine, dude." Gerard said while patting his little brother on the shoulder. "Frank can I talk to you?"

"Sure, man." Frank slowed down and walked alongside Gerard while Mikey strolled ahead to catch up with their poofy haired friend. "What's up?"

"I wanted to ask you something, I know it's all sudden and shit but you're my best friend so I want to talk to you about this."

"Go on."

Gerard ran a hand through his hair and brought his hand to his side.

"How did you know you were bi?"

"Woah. I weren't expecting that!" Frank laughed.

"Just tell me, man."

"Yeah sure, whatever. You know those porn magazines? That you find in the bathroom for your dad?"

Gerard nodded, his father liked those sort of things, personally Gerard didn't, they made the girls in those magazines look cheap and undignified.

"Well, my dad had some of those and I found them, in the little basket y'know whe-"

"Yes, Frankie."

"Okay. Well I found some and I flicked through tha pages and even though the girls were hot, they didn't really suit my fancy if I must put it bluntly. And I found myself staring.."

"At who?"

"You, man."

Frank reached down and pinched Gerard's ass, in response Gerard put his arm over Frank's shoulder. They joked around like this all the time and Gerard could tell by the look in his eye he was kidding.

"No really, who were you looking at?"

"Nu-uh, not telling." With that Frank skipped off so he was level with Ray and Mikey.

Gerard was just about to take his iPod out of his pocket when Mikey turned around with an angry look on his face, his eye brows were furrowed.

"Gerard PLEASE tell Mr Poofy head here that if you kiss a person of the same sex it doesn't mean anything."

"What? If you kiss a person of the same sex it doesn't mean anything?"

"Ugh, what I mean is if you were to kiss, I don't know, Frank it wouldn't make you gay or bi because you don't like him."

"It's true, man. You're only bisexual, gay, lesbian if you fancy the same sex, not that hard, dude."

Ray scoffed and turned to look at Mikey.

"Mikey, if one engages in any physical contact of the lips or genital area one is considered gay."

The gang had stopped off by the crossing where Mikey and Gerard had to cross the road to get to their house. Frank stood beside Gerard and Mikey beside Frank. Ray was standing opposite them with a huge pout.

"Dude, stop pouting it doesn't make you look sexy."

"Shut the fuck up, Frank."

"Look, Ray, Mikey and Gerard are right, if I were to kiss Gerard it wouldn't make him gay, it wouldn't make me gay," Gerard accidentally let out a little giggle that he hoped Frank didn't hear, "well, gay-ER." I suppose he heard then. "You know why he wouldn't be gay? Because he doesn't have feelings for me, okay?"

Mikey looked at Gerard. His hands went into his pocket of his hoodie and he started to slouch.

"I gotta go. Mom's cooking and stuff." Frank announced. He turned and gave Mikey a hug, messing up his hair in the process. Ray's turn. He shook his head an politely stuck out his hand, Frank obliged and turned to Gerard. They were quickly in eachothers arms saying goodbye. Ray leant over to Frank.

"Prove it, Midget. I dare you." He whispered into Frank's ear.

As Gerard unhooked his arms from around Frank's waist, Frank's hands stayed firmly attached around Gerard's neck. Frank pulled his hands forward and his and Gerard's lips crashed together like two racecars colliding. Frank was surprised when Gerard started to kiss back, his kisses filled with passion. Gerard's hands pushed against the small of Frank's back and their two bodies pushed against eachother, Frank's leg rising with Gerard holding Frank's thigh at the side of them. Fireworks were crashing and banging and exploding inside both their heads. Frank's tongue glazed Gerard's bottom lip and he quickly gained access into Gerard's mouth. The fight for dominance began.

The taste of coffee, cigarettes and..cinnamon? Huh, weird combination. It tasted good. Frank's hands ran their way through Gerard's hair and wrapped themselves around Gerard's neck pulling him closer once more. Both the boys felt their blood run south with this steamy encounter. Frank let off a moan into Gerard's mouth and Gerard's legs turned to jelly. Gerard's hands going down and resting on Frank's ass, giving it a squeeze now and then. With every squeeze Frank smiled into the kiss. Before this could go any further both the boys heard a cough.

Both of them turned to face Mikey and Ray who both had a face like they had saw a ghost. Frank and Gerard turned red and looked at eachother. They both had little "problems" with their downstairs in their trousers. Whoops. They had to get home and quickly. Gerard took Mikey's hand and pulled him across the road at some speed, narrowly missing stamping on a cat. The Way brothers sprinted down the road until they were out of sight.

Ray was still stood there looking at Frank with his eyes wide and mouth open. Frank walked over to Ray and shut his mouth.

"Next time I see Gerard, I'll do my dare." With that Frank walked in the direction of his house. Ray following him.

"So, that WASN'T the dare, oh my god Frank."

"I know, pretty amazing wasn't it?"

I actually really liked how this came out, as I said it actually happened but not to the whole moaning extent so I could actually visualise it, haha. Anyway rate and review please? :3
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