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Calm Before The Storm

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Four guys in a band living in one house. What could be funnier than that? Throw in two girls, a handful of humor, a pinch of romance, and one tablespoon of drama and you've got something interestin...

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My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue
Chapter Two: Calm Before The Storm

Well there's a song on the radio that says:
"Let's get this party started."
So let's get this party started


"I'm gonna go get dressed," Cait said to Patrick and Andy, moving away from the sink. "What are we doing today guys?" She asked to everyone else, backing into the living room slowly.

"Movie Marathon!" Joe shouted. "I was flipping channels and there's a horror movie marathon on like, Starz or something. We are so watching it."

"Alright then. Sounds good, and I had nothing important to do today. Do we have popcorn, candy, chips, and anything else me might need for a movie marathon?" Tara asked. In Cait's opinion, she could be the coolest girl in the world when she wasn't mad at Pete. But once you throw the bubbly boy into the mix, its hell on earth.

Andy walked back over to the pantry and started digging again. "There's sodas in the garage, I was in there yesterday. I have two boxes of popcorn, one Kettle Corn and one Extra Butter, and so far there's no candy." He said, closing the door with his foot and placing the two boxes of popcorn on the counter.

"So we need candy?" Joe piped up, finally noticing that Pete took his pancake. He glared at Pete, who was happily poking at the pancake with his fork. "Hey," Joe said, stabbing the last half of the pancake and eating it in one bite.

"What the fuck? That was my pancake! I already ate yours!" Pete protested.

Joe swallowed. "So? You ate mine, I ate yours. We're even." Pete shrugged.

"I wish all battles were settled that easily," Andy whispered to Pat, who was putting away the last dish for now.

"Anyway," Cait said, leaning on the wall. "Candy, what do we need, I'll go get some when I'm dressed."

All at once they yelled their favorite candies out. Among the chaos was "m&m's," "Reese's," "Gummie Bears," "Starburst," and "Raisinets."

"Okay then... Starburst, Raisinets, Gummie Bears, Reese's and m&m's... Right," Cait read the list back to them.

"Yes," they all chorused as she went to get dressed.

"Last one to the living room is a rotten egg!" Pat said, standing completely still. He knew that they would all collide before they got anywhere near the living room, so he waited patiently. This wasn't the first time this had happened. In fact, it was one of Patrick's favorite games.

On cue, the other four that were left in the kitchen dropped everything they were holding and bounded for the living room. Of course, Pat was the only one who knew all four of them at once wouldn't fit through the walk way that lead from the living room to the kitchen. He was the only one who was sensible enough to think about it.

Tara was in the lead, Pete following close behind, with Andy and Joe bringing up the rear, climbing on each other to reach the living room first. And all seemed like Pat's plan had failed for a second, but that was until Pete grabbed Tara's leg, causing her to fall. And Andy, who had Joe on his back, tripped over Pete, who had tripped over Tara.

Pat smiled and walked over to them, looking down at the writhing mass of limbs on the ground. "You lose." He said, stepping on Joe's back to get over the group and into the living room. He sat down on the couch as Cait came down the stairs.

"You probably have to stop doing that Pat," she said, spotting the guys (and Tara) on the ground. "I'm pretty sure it's detrimental to their health."

"But it's funny!" He protested, watching her grab her keys.

"I know. Be back in a few, I just gotta grab those candies right?" She asked, opening the door, and not really waiting for a response before she shut it behind her.

"Ye- never mind..." Tara started to answer Cait, untangling herself from the boys. One by one, they stood up, Pete being the last to do so. He walked over to the couch and smacked Pat in the back of the head.

"Jackass..." He grumbled as he hopped over the couch and sat in Cait's normal spot, to the left of Pat.

"What? It's hilarious. And you're the rotten egg, by the way." Pat reminded Pete.

Andy and Joe snickered, and Tara giggled. "Petey's a rotten egg!" She taunted, causing Pete to flip her off.

As soon as they were all settled, Andy in his chair, Joe on the floor in front of Andy, and Pat, Pete and Tara on the couch, Joe grabbed the remote from the table and flipped on the TV. The first movie had already started.

"Awww, this is gonna be lame..." Pete whined, upon seeing the movie was in black and white.

"Lame? This'll be hilarious." Tara said, snuggling into her corner of the couch.

Cait walked back through the door, kicking off her shoes and dropping her keys on the table near the door. "Got your candy. Oh, it started already?"

"Yeah, we missed the beginning of this one. We just turned the TV on." Joe responded, as everyone glared at Pat.

"Hey, where am I sitting?" Cait asked as she dropped the bag of candies on the table.

"Wait a second; we need to get ready here. I'll make popcorn, a bag of each for now?" Andy asked, standing up and kicking Joe as he passed. "Oops, sorry Joe."

"S'okay. What's every body want to drink?" He asked, standing up and following Andy.

"Diet Coke for Pat, Sprite for Cait, Coke for Pete, and an Iced Tea for me," Tara said, rattling off the list of what everyone usually had. Joe disappeared into the garage, and Andy put the first bag of popcorn into the microwave.

"So where am I sitting?" Cait asked, standing in front of Pete, where she usually sat. He reached forward and grabbed her hips, directing her towards Pat's lap. She landed with an "Oof" from Patrick.

"Heh, hi Pat." She said, the freckles across the bridge of her nose blending into the blush on her face. He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist and she laid back onto him.

"Awww, they're so cute together. Wait, are they together?" Tara whispered to Pete as Joe came back in with his arms full of sodas. He slowly emptied his arms onto the table, and everyone reached to grab their soda, except for Pat and Cait.

"Come on Andy! Not that this movie is any good, but still, come on anyway!" Joe called, almost taking Andy's seat, but then thinking twice about it and sitting down on the floor again.

"Pete pass me those m&m's please..." Cait asked, reaching her hand out to grab them.

"Here," He said, handing her them with his left hand as he held the bag with his right and looked into it. "Where are my Reese's?" He asked, then smiled as he dug his hand into the bottom of the bag. He chucked the bag of Starburst at Joe's head, tossed the Raisinets onto Andy's chair, and handed Tara her Gummie Bears.

"Thanks Cait," Tara said, opening her Gummie Bears.

"Yeah, thanks." Joe said, popping a Starburst into his mouth.

"No problem guys." Cait said, offering the bag of m&m's to Patrick.

Andy walked back over, setting two bowls of popcorn on the table. "Blue bowl is Kettle Corn, red bowl is Extra Butter." He said, then sat down in his seat.

"Let the movies begin!" Pete shouted, and Pat reached over and turned out the lamp, not that it did anything, it was mid afternoon by now.


Hours upon hours later, they were on the fifth or sixth movie, and the only two that were still conscious were too glued to the TV to realize that the rest had fallen asleep.

"Don't open the door! Don't do it!" Joe shouted at the TV, clinging to the almost empty red bowl of popcorn.

"Forget it Joe," Andy said, eating a handful of Raisinets all at once. "No matter what you say, she'll still go in the door."

When the murderer jumped out of the closet, and the girls (and Pete, but Pete had been doing it as a joke, not because he was surprised) didn't scream, Andy looked over to the couch. He smacked Joe in the back of the head. "Shut up you idiot!" He said in a harsh whisper.

Joe looked up at him, then to the couch where Andy was pointing. "Oh... When did that happen?" He asked, looking at Tara and Pete snuggling together on the couch.

"Hey, has Pat ever said anything to you about Cait?" Andy asked Joe as Joe grabbed the remote and turned the volume on the movie down. The couple in question was currently asleep on the couch as well; Pat's head was leaned over, resting on top of Cait's, who was wrapped snugly by his arms.

"He thinks he's in love with her, but he's never said anything to her about it. He's too afraid she won't love him back." Joe said, laughing a little at how perfect they looked.

"They'd probably make a better couple than anyone else in the world. I mean, how well they get along now, throw a little romance in and they'll be even happier than usual, and I've never seen Pat without a smile on his face when Cait's around." Andy said, picking popcorn out of his chair. At one point, something had scared Tara when she had the popcorn in her hands, and since Andy's chair was so close, he got hit with a wave of popcorn.

"Mmm. What time is it?" Joe asked, looking around for his cell phone. He found Pete's first, so he just checked the time on it. He laughed. "We got caught up in the movies Andy. It's like, eleven o'clock."

"Let's clean up a little bit and then leave them to sleep in peace." Andy replied, motioning towards the two couples on the couch.

Joe nodded and started cleaning up popcorn and candies off the floor. There had been a candy war about two movies in, and everyone was throwing candy and popcorn at everyone else. It was probably the most fun the group had ever had thus far in their life living together.

Ten minutes and a garbage bag full of candy and popcorn later, Joe and Andy said goodnights, draped blankets over the couch, and went upstairs to their respective rooms.


Pat awoke with a jump, not realizing what time it was, or that the four of them had fallen asleep. He blinked a few times, and moved to look at his watch, realizing that Cait was asleep on him, and that someone had put a blanket over them. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he noticed Pete and Tara sleeping next to him as well, a blanket over them. Andy and Joe were gone though, and most of the mess from their food fight was gone as well.

"Hmm... They must've gone to bed." He said to himself, checking the time. It was a little after five on a Saturday morning, and the sun would probably be beginning to rise soon. He kinda of wanted to watch it, but he didn't want to wake the sleeping brunette in his arms. So he settled back down and fell asleep.


Cait was the next to awaken, but she woke up around nine, to the noises of Andy and Joe quietly moving around the kitchen. She blinked a few times, letting her eyes adjust to the light in the room, and yawned, sleep still clinging to her. She went to move her arms to rub her eyes, but Patrick's arms were in the way.

She wiggled a little, getting her arms free, then tapped Pat's chest. "You awake?" She whispered, causing Pat to stir. He moaned a little, and yawned as well. Cait smiled and adjusted his glasses, which were lopsided on his face. "Sleep well?"

"Better than I have in a while, actually." He replied, moving his arms so she could stand up. Slowly but surely they made their way into the kitchen, greeted by the smell of burnt toast.

"Cait, why does the button only work for you?" Andy asked, smashing his fingers into the button on the toaster. Cait rolled her eyes and walked over.

"What is it with you and this toaster?" She asked, pressing the button and making the toast pop up easily. Andy smiled and pulled it out, placing it on his plate quickly.

"Thanks," he said, walking over to the refrigerator and pulling out a jar of peach jelly.

Cait looked down at herself. She was still wearing the day before's clothes, black socks with a hole in the right foot, ripped jeans, studded belt, a white and yellow Panic! At The Disco shirt, and her faux pearl necklace. Her hair was tied up, with a yellow bandana (that matched the color on the shirt) rolled up as a headband, and she was sure her glasses needed cleaning.

She went over to the sink, and took off her glasses, holding them under the water for a second before she pumped some soap onto her finger tips and rubbed it into the lenses. "Andy, Patrick, want me wash your glasses while I'm at it?" She asked, drying hers with the bottom of her shirt.

"Please," Andy asked, taking his off and holding them out to her. She washed them the same way she washed hers, and handed them back. Then she looked at Pat.

"Yours good?" She asked, placing her own glasses back on her face. He nodded.

"Thanks anyway." He said, then went over to the fridge. "Anything good to eat in here?" He asked no one in particular.

"Eww!" Tara shrieked from the living room. "Get your hands off of me!" She said, smacking Pete across the face. Everyone in the kitchen winced for him, but Pete didn't move.

Cait rolled her eyes and let out a frustrated groan, moving over to Tara and pulling her upstairs by the hood on Pete's sweatshirt. Once they were in Tara's room, Cait slammed the door shut. "Will you leave him alone? I'm so tired of always having to settle fights between you two that are over nothing important! And he's tired of it too. Make up your mind! Love him or hate him. It's driving the rest of us nuts..." Cait yelled at her, then stormed off to her own room.

Down in the kitchen/living room, the guys all heard what she had said, because her voice was so loud. "Somebody wanna go see if Cait's okay?" Andy's voice squeaked after a minute of silence. None of them had ever seen Cait mad before, so this was new. None of them wanted to go check on her either.


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