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Run away with me

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Frank walked the streets of Jersey, it was getting dark and he had to admit, he was terrified.
He had decided no to go home that night, his father had his friends round and their favorite drinking game seemed to be bleeding Frank 'til he passed out.

Frank had slept in the streets a whole load in his 15 years, but tonight felt different, he felt as if something bad was about to happen.

'Oii!' a drunken man staggered up beside him, one of his fathers friends.
Frank pretended not to notice, kept his head down and quickened his pace.
'Oi! Faggot I'm talkin' to you! You 'da Iero kid right?'
'Don't fuckin' ignore me 'ya little brat! You're gonna' fucking pay for what ya dad did to me!'
SHIT! Frank thought, he tried to run, he really didn't need this tonight.

The guy pushed Frank up against a wall and slapped him round the face.

'What the fuck, dude?!' Frank whispered, unable to find his voice.
'You're gonna fucking geddit kid! You're gonna fuckin' gedit hard and fast!'
The guy pushed frank to the floor before getting in top of him.
He undid his belt before stripping off Frank's hoodie.
Frank screamed, realizing what was happening.
'Shut the fuck up kid! You fuckin' deserve this, fuckin' Iero.'
'Please.. stop!' Frank cried.
The guy spat on him and remover Frank's tee shirt.
Again, Frank screamed, only to be punched in the jaw. Blood started leaking from him mouth.
He whimpered, noticing a light turn on form a house across the road.

The door of the house swung open, a raven haired teen in his night clothes came running out, holding a baseball bat.
'Get the fuck off him! The police are on their way, you better fucking run!' The teen screamed.
'I'll funkin' get your fag ass for this!' The guy spat before running into the night, police sirens piercing through the dark.

'Hey' The boy crouched beside Frank's sobbing form.
'G-g-gerard?' Frank whispered through his sobs.
'Yeah, it's me, you're Frank right? Oh look what he's done to your pretty face...'
Gerard trailed off, getting lost in his thoughts.
'Anyway, Frank, I'm going to take you inside, then I'll call your parents to pick you up.'
'N-nooo! I can go home, I can't! Please don't make me go home!'

Frank woke up on a couch, his head hurt like fuck.
'Morning!' A boy beamed at him. Was that Gerard? What the fuck was he doing at Gerard's place?
'Uhhh..' Frank began.
'So umm you like coffee? Want me to make you some coffee?'
'Uhh sure, black please. But umm, what am I doing here?'
'You were umm, kind of, well pretty hurt last night and uhhh,...' Gerard stood up, looking slightly awkward.
'Ohh..' Frank blushed, he wasn't sure why, recalling the night before.
'So, you said you didn't want to go home, I let you say here. Mom's away on a trip and Mikey doesn't mind. he's already left for school though, you'll meet him later.'
'Do you want me to go home?... WAIT?! School's started fuck, we gotta' go!' Frank shot up, quickly realizing it was a bad idea, as the pain in his head only got worse.
'Oh no you don't!' Gerard pushed him back down. 'You need rest, you're taking today off, and it's an excuse for me not to go back to that shit hole too.'
'Oh' Was Frank's inelegant reply.
'So uhh you okay? You were pretty shaken last night..'
'Can we not talk about this please?' Frank really didn't wan't to talk about what happend, he felt ashamed.
'Okay, well I'm going to make us some coffee' Gerard walked away, leaving Frank with his thoughts.

This boy made Frank feel funny. He wanted, no, needed to be close to him.
But how was this even possible, he'd only known him for 24 hours.
But as much as Frank denied it, this boy was the most beautiful, cutest and kindest human being ever.

AN// umm hope you like it, I felt it needed a bit of drama, and just to show the extremes of Franks life, yanno...
Anyway, need to ask you lot, my lovely readers, would you like a happy ending or a sad one?
So yeah, R&R please, much love, Chloe xoxo
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