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Honey Do List

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Sometimes, Kurogane pondered, jumping between worlds wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

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Sometimes, Kurogane pondered, jumping between worlds wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Moving from place to place, having to adapt to new foods, new clothing, new surroundings. Never being able to let the meat bun further than three feet away or be unable to communicate. The Bitch needs to revise her travel speech.

He would never have been in this mess if it wasn't for his princess. Insisting that he wasn't strong. Sending him away like a puppy who had chewed his way through her shoe collection (something that was really very extensive and, if he had been a puppy, would have taken him several years).

Other times, one had to consider the bright side. New discoveries. Meeting new people. The food in some places was better than what could be found in his own country. Or, as evidence suggested, in Fai's.

Fai was a bundle of energy that got off on seeing how fast he could make Kurogane's temper explode. He was a lanky, blonde, wisp of a man, who, alright, had a dark past, but could also seduce a monk if he set his mind to it.

This world was peace. There was no feather, but the princess had come down with the sniffles in the last one, and the brat insisted she rest until she was one hundred percent ready to face the journey again. So they settled down for something of a vacation.

And Fai discovered honey.

The sweet, sticky mess was unheard of in his world, Fai had explained, licking the golden drips off his fingers one at a time. It was simply too cold there.

Fai had become obsessed with the taste. He put in on his morning toast, added it to his tea, and for some reason, kept a little bear-shaped bottle in his coat pocket at all times.

Currently, Fai was happily lapping at the pool of honey he had dripped in Kurogane's bellybutton. There was a sticky trail that leads from his chest, down his stomach, right to his cock.

Fai had declared just moments ago that Kurogane and honey was the best taste concoction ever and if he could figure out a way to bottle and sell it, he'd be a rich man in a matter of weeks. Kurogane had just grunted, closed his eyes, and gripped the headboard.

Fai was getting closer and closer to his cock with every sweep of his tongue, but he stubbornly refused to hurry the issue and finish the job. Kurogane was trying his very, very best not to simply shove the man's head down and get him started, but the wizard was grinning (he could FEEL it) and Kurogane hadn't had sex in a very, very long time.

Without warning, the blonde tyrant suddenly pulled away, and Kurogane just barely held back a growl that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with murder. He jolted as he felt a mildly chilled substance drizzle down onto the head of his penis, and then a hot mouth was sucking on him and OH GOD it really has been too long because he felt himself coming and only managed a gasp of warning before he let himself go inside that hot cavern and the fucking magician was giggling and lapping at him like a kitten.

Coming down from his brief, but satisfying orgasm was almost a sad affair, but Fai was straddling him now and holding out the bottle of honey that looked like the teddy bear he had as a kid, and god DAMN but revenge was a sweet thing.

AN: ... Kuro-muse hates me SO much right now. I've challenged his man-hood.Also, I spell it Fai. Out of the three, that's my favourite, and thus, it's Fai. Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know.
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