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Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Kio raised an eyebrow and set down his paint brush.

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Kio raised an eyebrow and set down his paint brush. The front door to Soubi's apartment had just been opened and slammed shut again rather violently. Curious, he stood, wiping his hands on a rag kept nearby for that purpose. Upon investigation, he found Ritsuka on Soubi's bed, head shoved under the pillows.

"Ricchan?" Kio poked the boy in the ribs, earning a groan. Ritsuka's hands gripped the pillow tighter, forcing it further down on his head. He looked like he was trying to suffocate himself. "You okay?" And he wasn't asking just because Soubi would be upset if his little shouta-toy died, but also because he genuinely liked the younger boy (Now that he was sure he was nothing like his older brother, anyhow).

Unintelligible mumbles floated out from under the pillow, and Kio sighed before ripping it swiftly from the sixth grader's clutches. Ritsuka whined, made a feeble grab for it, before deciding his palms worked just as well, covering his eyes and his cherry red cheeks. Kio began to smirk lightly, just because it took effort to work the boy into that high a level of embarrassment, something only Soubi had ever managed to achieve.

Ritsuka's foot kicked his book-bag slightly, and Kio took that as permission to snoop. Rifling through the contents, he came across school books, notes, doodles, a photo of Soubi smiling (obviously unaware he was being photographed at the time), and... A plastic bag with a banana and... Condoms?

Kio let a small giggle escape before turning a brilliant grin on the blushing catboy, the banana clutched in one hand and a condom in the other.

"Ricchan? Do you have something planned for tonight? Would you like me to leave?" Kio asked, voice taking a slightly musical tone.

Ritsuka managed to pry his hands from his face long enough to give Kio a glare of death. Kio just clicked his tongue lightly, sitting next to Soubi's pet, waving the banana in his face.

"Shut up! It was horrible. Sensei took an hour out of math today to teach us about... About..." he stopped, his eyes going wide, and ducked his head back down. Kio didn't even bother to try and hide his smile.

"Sex?" he said, grinning like he was having the time of his life, which, face it, he was. Another tortured groan emitted from Ritsuka, and Kio flashed back to elementary school, remembering the same day and the same lesson. Unlike Ricchan, however, Kio had enjoyed the learning process, as it came in handy two years later when he allowed himself to be seduced by an upper class man and lost his light green ears. But that was a story for another day, he decided, as Ritsuka's eyes grew wider and wider.

"So, she made you bring your equipment... Home? Don't you have your own banana?" Kio's eyes danced. Ritsuka grabbed the fruit from his hand and threw it in the trash. He came back for a second snatch, this time going for the condoms, but found them mysteriously gone from sight. He looked at Kio with suspicion, and the man only smiled innocently.

"We're supposed to... Practise."

"Harsh. A banana will do you no good. I offer my services."


"In teaching you properly."


"I'll call Sou-chan!" Kio danced away from the bed, holding his cell phone high above his head as Ritsuka attempted to leap five feet and grab it away.

After all, Kio mused, he'd want to be part of this. Little Ricchan was becoming a man. He wiped a dry tear, smiling evilly down at the boy, who was looking at the door, obviously pondering if he should run or not. The idea was too tempting, and he bolted out the door without his bag. Kio cackled, setting the phone back down on the table, heading for the refrigerator. He tore a banana off the stalk, peeling it thoughtfully as he sat back down to his painting. The condoms sat snug in his smock pocket, and he waited for Soubi to return.

AN: This was for my dear Kimper. I tried shippiness, but this ended up more implied/gen. Sorry =( I fail. Hope you like anyways. Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know.
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