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What Becomes of Drinking

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Cloud knocked tentatively on Zack's door, soft enough not to alert any of the other occupants in the First Class barracks of his presence.

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Cloud knocked tentatively on Zack's door, soft enough not to alert any of the other occupants in the First Class barracks of his presence. Best friend of one of their own he might be, but First Class was still First Class, and when you were simply a Private in medium-class division, caution of your superiors was a something to always keep in mind.

He was jolted out of his musings as the door was suddenly ripped open. Cloud barely had time to contemplate how reinforced the hinges were on the SOLIDER doors (he'd bet his leave next month that ShinRa kept a budget just for repairs to these three areas specifically), before he was yanked roughly inside and slammed up against a wall.

Zack leaned in close, eyes dancing with undisguised affection and something else Cloud wouldn't acknowledge. Then Zack's cheek was resting on his head, and his could feel the older boy inhale deeply. Cloud allowed himself a brief moment of indulgence, before pushing his arms out to shove Zack away.

He didn't expect the SOLIDER to fall to the floor and start giggling. It was then that Cloud noticed the keg sitting on Zack's kitchen counter, and the slight pink tinge to his tanned cheeks. Sadly, this was not an uncommon occurrence, as Zack liked his beer (and tequila and vodka and pretty much anything that ended with him using Cloud as a support beam as they struggled back to the base after a good night).

Zack, amazingly, became more affectionate the normal when he was inebriated. The first time he had gone drinking with Zack, the older boy had embraced him in the middle of the bar and loudly proclaimed that the cadet was his property, and if anyone ever tried to take him away, he'd open a can of whoop-ass on them. The red faced Cloud had frozen in his place, stuttering out nonsense, and then Zack had dragged him out of the bar and back to the base. It really shouldn't be possible for someone to enjoy friendly contact the way Zack did, but he often defied logic (who else could convince General Sephiroth to turn a blind eye when he plastered the mess hall with pictures of Vice President Rufus in... Uncomplimentary positions?).

Cloud sighed, and reached a hand out to pull Zack off the ground. Unfortunately, Zack was further gone that he had assumed, because instead of allowing himself to be pulled up, he managed to trip Cloud down to the floor with him.

Cloud swore as his head hit the wooden surface, and he felt a hand gently glide over his scalp looking for a bump or blood. Eventually, the hand began stroking, playing with his hair lightly. It lulled Cloud into a sense of utter peace, and he scarcely noticed when Zack managed to climb overtop him. He snapped out of his daze when he felt a knee nudge his thighs open, and then Zack was /right there/.

Mako eyes were foggy with adoration, bright and vibrant. Cloud's pulse started going double time, and Zack stilled above him. His entire face was flushed now, but it wasn't from the drink. Cloud shifted, just slightly, earning an uncontrolled buck from Zack's hips. Two sets of eyes widened, and then Zack cursed softly before gently placing his mouth over Cloud's.

His eyes drifted shut, and he embraced the slight in his heart pressure like a woman welcoming home her husband from war. Neither sets of lips moved, fearful of breaking the spell, but eventually it was too much to take and Zack's leg started to cramp. He pulled away, just slightly, and Cloud snapped out of his fog. He pushed up on Zack's shoulders, signalling for the SOLIDER to move, and while he complied, the devastated look on his face almost tore Cloud in two.

But, despite his thin, lanky frame, and slightly feminine features, Cloud was still all male. He did not blush and stutter every time someone made eyes at him (Zack was a special case), he did not cry (except for that one time, just the one time, when the postings for the SOLIDER exams went up and his world tumbled out of his reach), he did not spend his days daydreaming about General Sephiroth (... not all the time, anyways), and he did NOT get jealous when Zack went to visit his girlfriend in the slums (visits that became more and more infrequent as the months passed).

Cloud ducked his head down, not wanting to look Zack in the eye, but he had other plans. Cloud found himself against the wall for the second time in one night, but this time Zack wasn't smiling. This time Zack lowered his face to Clouds and just /took/. He kissed with expertise, passion, and the feelings overwhelmed the boys as Cloud choked back a sob. His eyes were clamped tightly shut again, and he all he could do was clutch at Zack's shoulders and hang on, praying he didn't fall off the steep cliff because he wasn't sure if a safety net was set up to catch him.

Zack pulled away, trailing his lips down Cloud's neck, whispering assurances and words of love and Cloud just could NOT believe this was happening. This was Zack. This was his best friend. His drunk best friend who had a girlfriend and even if he really desired another males company so badly, why would he ever choose a lowly cadet and OH FUCK his hand was slipping under the waistband of Cloud's uniform pants.


Zack, as always, refused to listen, one arm going around the blonde boy's back, trapping him in an embrace he couldn't get free of. They moved slowly, gliding backwards until Zack's knees hit the couch and they both tumbled down. Zack nuzzled Cloud's throat, still not letting him go, and shifted them swiftly so he was on top. He straddled his younger friend and sat up, dragging his shirt off just slow enough to make Cloud's eyes go blurry. Zack had about twelve hands, each of them assigned a different task. Some were lifting his own shirt, a few others were pulling frantically at his pants.

A hand gripped his erection, one he had barely been aware of, but oh boy he knew it was there now. It held him lightly, softly, petting the head and tickling the base. Zack leaned in, placed a gentle kiss on Cloud's lips, before twisting in a way no human should ever have the skill to do, and ripping Cloud's boots and socks from his feet. Then his pants were being peeled down past his thighs, his knees, his shins and ankles, before being casually tossed over the back of the couch. Zack's own pants followed right after

He was naked, and Zack was on top of him. He was naked/, and /Zack was on top of /him/.

He was naked and Zack was fast asleep on his chest.


Zack came awake slowly, feeling a body shift in front of him. He cracked one eye, and was met with the sight of chocobo spikes. His companion was facing the back of the couch, naked as the day he was born, and Zack was spooning him from behind. A blanket was haphazardly tossed over their bodies, and Cloud mumbled something in his sleep.

Zack grinned and leaned forward, inhaling the fresh scent of his new lover. His hand drifted lower, and he intended to wake up Cloud the best way he knew how.

AN: I finished this twelve minutes before my deadline on Tuesday night. Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know. There's probably a zillion. =(
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