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My Auditions Results! :)

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Hi Guys!

So, sorry it´s been a long time , but this days are being very difficult for me :( ...but now I´m ok I want to post this ASAP.
So I was this close friend of mine who help me with this, and unfortunately I only need two characters with story :( so I decide to stay with Gerardwayiscute and Skeff character CONGRATULATIONS! :D

For the other guys; I´m really happy for your help! :D I really appreciate it I really love all the characters u post and I really really really like them all so believe me it was too difficult for me to chose one :( so I would like to use the others characters maybe on a oneshot or in other fic ´cuz I really like them all! :D

I will try and began to write the next fic this week ;) , I can´t believe my vacations all almost over D: so I will try and make this as fast as possible

Thanks for all you support :D cookies for all n-n

Cherry Bomb
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