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Stupid Hair

by Katya 2 reviews

Look at him. Smug son of a bitch.

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Look at him. Smug son of a bitch. Laughing with his Turk cohorts. Drinking tequila. His goggles were starting to droop down into his eyes. He pushes them back up. He makes a bad joke, and Elena groans while Rude barely cracks an expression.

How could that bastard be so... So... Reno-like! With the laughing and the "Oh, look at me, I'm cooler than everyone else in this bar" pose he struck so well. And his stupid, out of date hair. Who the FUCK wears a mullet anymore?

Cloud held back a grimace, twisting with mako-induced speed around on his bar stool so he wouldn't have to stare at the idiot as he told tall tales about everything ever in the history of mankind.

How could he be so fucking happy when Cloud himself was so fucking miserable? It had only been a month since Kadaj and his band of merry men had blown through their lives, causing this huge mess inside the delivery boy's head. Well, a bigger mess than normal. He still felt the guilt over not being able to save Aerith (he probably always would), and the turmoil of not being able to rescue Zack when he needed it. But they had both forgiven him, and life went on.

And Reno had walked back into his life, boasting and suddenly feeling like he was on the side of the semi-do gooders. Going head to head with Yazoo, saving children, walking grannies across busy streets, fetching kittens from trees.

Cloud tossed back a shot of something glowing black (which, as it turns out, was possible, as he obviously had just drunk it) and scowled lightly at Tifa, who just smiled back.

He had really, really stupid hair.

It was long (it was easy to grab onto), bright red (makes him stand out, makes him special in this drab city), and it was probably as soft as a... Cloud.

The namesake groaned, thumping his head on the bar before twisting around again to stare at the impossible Turk.

Who was staring at him.

And smiling like he knew exactly what Cloud was thinking.

And licking his lips, jerking his head slightly, so slightly you wouldn't notice it unless you were watching for it. Signalling they should meet up outside.

Cloud blinked in consent, had another shot, and took the back way through the kitchen to the alley behind the building. Reno was waiting for him, and they spoke no words as a sudden battle for dominance began.

Reno bit his neck, Cloud pulled his hair, and swore he was going to get the bastard back for the other day.

Teasing him about cutting his mullet into something a little more this year.

Cloud would fucking kill him if he ever tried.

AN: Cloud, make up your MIND. Be emo, or be horny! YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH! Reno does this thing where he owns my immortal soul. He's such a whore. Comments are love, constructive criticism is appreciated, and if you find a typo for the love of god let me know.
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