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SO fucking pissed off -.-

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I suggest you all read this. We live in a fucked up world.

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Let me start off by simply saying:

we live in a fucked up world

Why so?

In January, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich faced a US military court martial in connection with the bloody massacre of 24 Iraqi men, women and children in the town of Haditha. He killed men, woman and children.

Sgt. Frank who is 31, admitted in open court to one count of negligent dereliction of duty. Manslaughter charges were dropped as part of a plea deal from the prosecution.

Frank admitted to leading an eight-man squad of US Marines—whose other members have all been let off—in 2005 when they killed 24 civilians in Iraq. In a military court, Wuterich was sentenced to a mere 90 days of confinement, but under the terms of the plea bargain, he will serve no time in jail for his misdeeds. He was also demoted in rank to Private.

Miguel Carano {murdured, raped, and BURNED woman to death] was sentenced to TWENTY years in prison.


Kim Schmitz, the owner of megaupload was sentenced to FIFTY YEARS IN PRISON FOR SHARING MUSIC ON THE INTERNET and for helping share digital archived

What the fucking fuck?

What are your views on this shit?
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