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Gerard, Jude, Cameron and Jasmine sat round the dinner table while Frank walked in and out of the dining room, bringing in plates of food. Gerard took a deep breath and said and signed "Aven's father says that you pushed her."

"That's not true." Jasmine replied calmly "We were just playing, I swear."

Frank put the last plate down on the table and looked at Cameron "And did you see what happened?"

Cameron glanced at Jasmine before looking back at her step-dad and signing 'She slipped.'

Her parents nodded and Frank sat down to eat. Gerard, Frank and Jude picked up their knives and forks. Jude started cutting up a piece of his meat but stopped when he looked at Jasmine. She hadn't started eating. She was holding her own hand and had her head against the table. Cameron copied her. Nobody knew what to do so they just stared at them for a moment before Jasmine sat up straight and began eating like nothing had happened.

'She's so weird...' Jude thought to himself. He started eating but stopped again when he saw the way Jasmine was cutting up her food. She was cutting up her piece of meat into long thin strips "Can you eat normal please?"

Jasmine paused to look at him "I am eating normal."

"Yeah maybe in Transylvania or whatever country you come from."

"Incidentally, I'm from Russia." Jasmine told him "And Transylania isn't even a country, it's a part of Romania."

"You are such a freak."

"Jude!" Gerard and Frank scolded.

Jude sighed heavily and glared at Jasmine before bursting "Well why does she have to act like that? Do you know how much my friends go on at me at school because of her?"

"Maybe you need to find some new friends then." Frank said gently.

"Or maybe you should send her back to the retard camp where she belongs."

"Jude!" Gerard snapped "I will not have anymore talk like that. Apologise to your sister."

"She's not," Jude stood up "My fucking sister."

Jude stormed out of the room. Jasmine looked at Gerard who sighed and said "Alright, I'll sort him out."

As punishment for saying a rude word at the dinner table, Gerard put a lock on Jude's treehouse door. "You get the key back when you say you're sorry." Gerard told him, walking down to the house.

Jude ignored him. Afterall, it wasn't his fault that Jasmine was such a freak. He didn't care what it took. Jude was going to convince his parents that Jasmine was dangerous.

"Is there anything you want me to make for dinner tonight?" Frank asked the next day at the supermarket. He'd brought Jasmine and Cameron round with him "Any favourites?"

Jasmine thought about it and shook her head. Frank picked something up off the shelves, shoved it in the trolley then heard his phone ring in his pocket. He pulled it out and answered it "Hello?"

"Hi Frank, it's Sister Alice." Sister Alice greeted.

"Oh hi, one second, Jasmine's here with me." He held out the phone to her "It's Sister Alice, wanna say hi?" Jasmine shook her head "Oh come on Jasmine, just say hi."

"I said no!" Jasmine replied, loud enough for Sister Alice to hear.

Frank looked at her for a moment before saying "Could you please get me six red apples Dear? I'm just gonna go talk to Sister Alice."

Frank walked away from them. On his way over, Jasmine signed to Cameron 'What's he saying?'

Cameron looked at her step-dad and tried to read his lips. "I'm sorry, she got shy all of a sudden." Frank told Sister Alice.

Sister Alice chuckled "It's alright. I'm just calling to remind you that I need Jasmine's medical and dental records by the end of the month."

"Yeah, she's not thrilled about the dentist..."

'He's talking about you.' Cameron signed to Jasmine.

"So has she been opening up to you?" Sister Alice wanted to know.

"Well she dropped the f-bomb on me the other day."

'What's an f-bomb?' Cameron signed.

"I guess she really is opening up." Sister Alice and Frank laughed "Any bumps in the road that you want me to know about?"

"Uhh yeah, we had a pretty big one the other day..." Frank explained "There was this girl at school called Aven, I dunno... Her and Jasmine were at the playground and Jasmine might have pushed her down a slide."

'She's talking about Aven!' Cameron signed to her adopted sister.

"Oh my god, was she alright?"

"Luckily she broke her ankle and had something like six stitches."

"That doesn't sound too lucky."

"She's lucky it wasn't her neck!" Frank said "Anyway, I need to get on with my shopping. I'll make sure I send you those medical and dental records."

"Thanks Frank. See you round!"

"Bye!" Frank hung up the phone and walked over to the girls.

"What were you talking about?" Jasmine asked.

Frank smiled at her "That was grown-up talk. It doesn't matter. I believe we've got everything we need. Let's go!"

They walked up to the cash register. Standing just in front of them was Eliza. "Hello." Eliza smiled sweetly at Frank.

"Hi." Frank replied, only because he had to. He'd never liked Eliza.

Much to his relief, she picked up her bags and left rather quickly. He started unloading the trolley and then heard Jasmine say "I don't know why Daddy likes her so much."

Frank looked at her "What do you mean?"

"He's always talking to her and smiling." Jasmine said "She even asked him to go over to her place." Frank was shocked and speechless "Please don't tell Daddy I told! I don't want him to be mad at me!"

Frank nodded and continued putting away the shopping. Was Gerard actually cheating on him?
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