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Valentine's Day

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Sixth one-shot, requested by DisenchatedDestroya.

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Ellora sat on a bench next to Jon watching Brendon and Ryan. It was a few days before Valentine's day and she was sure that Ryan and Brendon had something going on. Or that they had feelings for each other at least.

She turned to Jon, "How long do you think it'll be before Brendon gives Ryan a card?"

"A week, at least."

"But that's after Valentine's Day?"

"I know. Brendon's a little bitch though, and probably won't muster up the courage to do it."

She laughed, "I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. I say he'll do it."

"Wanna bet?"

"Yes, I do," she laughed again. This was how conversations with Jon went with her. They would always be "betting" on something. Ellora usually won.

Brendon and Ryan sat in the grass watching Ellora and Jon out of the corners of their eyes. Ryan was absolutely sure that Jon and Ellora liked eachother and he wanted to catch it when they got together.

He snuck a glance over at the two, "Do you think Jon'll give her a card?"

"I don't know, I mean I think they're a cute couple but they're not together, you know?"

"Yeah, I get that but I just think he'll give her one. When do you think he'll actually give it to her? Oh God, that sounded wrong."

Brendon chuckled, "Yes, it certainly did. Probably on Valentine's Day. You know Jon, he's always so confident with himself."

"I think it might be hard for him. I mean, they are really close and he might be afriad she doesn't feel the same way. And Ellora is a really pretty girl."

"I understand that but still, it's Jon."

"You wanna bet?"

"I'm always up for a bet." Brendon waggled his eyebrows.

Valentine's Day came and Brendon was standing in front of his bathroom mirror. "Ok, you can do this, he's your best friend. He'll understand. Even if he doesn't feel the same way." He went to his room and finished getting dressed. Once he got to school he set off looking for Ryan.

Ellora watched Brendon and Ryan from afar, she wanted to see when Brendon gave Ryan his card. She didn't hear Jon come up behind her.

"Hey!" She jumped.

"Holy shit Jon, you scared me!"

He laughed, "I can see that, whatchya doin'?"

"I want to see Ryan's reaction when Brendon gives him his Valentine's card."

"Oh, I see. How long have you been watching?"

She paused, "...Five minutes."

"Like I said, he's not going to give him one, not yet at least."

She looked at him with a smirk on her face, "Did he tell you himself? No? Then shuddup."

He laughed, "Trust me, when a guy gives someone a Valentine, they don't look like that." He gestured to where Brendon and Ryan were sitting. Brendon sat awkwardly in his chair and looked very nervous, he kept fidgeting and couldn't sit still.

"Well then what does it look like?"


"Oh shit, they're looking over here. I think they know I've been watching them."

"Right, well back to what I was saying--"

"Come on, I don't want them to think I'm creepy or anything."

Jon laughed, "Ellora please, they're not going to think that. Anyways, they're some of the creepiest guys I've ever met."

"Still, I'm going to go just in case. Happy Valentine's Day, see you around," she smiled and left Jon to his own devices.

Ryan watched as the scene played out. Brendon followed Ryan's gaze to Ellora and Jon, "Are you really watching them? Just to see when it happens?"

"Yeah, I don't want to miss it. He doesn't look like he's going to give her a Valentine though."

"That's just Jon, he's chill." Brendon had a nervous look on his face, he wanted to pull out the Valentine he'd made for Ryan but he was too scared. Getting rejected by a girl was one thing, but when it was his best friend it was harder. "Ryan, uh--"

"Hold on," he watched as Ellora left, "Boom! See, he didn't give it to her! She just left."

"Maybe because you're staring at her like a fucking psycho?"

"Oh shit, I gotta go, class is starting. Happy V-Day, see you later."

Brendon leaned back in his chair and sighed, "Couldn't just fucking tell him."

Brendon tried three more times throughout the day to give Ryan the Valentine but he either chickened out or Something got in the way. At the end of the day Brendon and Ryan sat out on the grass, in their normal spot. "So have you had a good Valentine's Day Brendon," Ryan asked.

"It could have been better."

"Why? Didn't get any Valentines," he joked.

"No, I didn't get to give mine to the person I wanted to."

Ryan looked downtrodden, "Oh. Who was it?"

Brendon blushed and reached into his back pocket, took out the Valentine, and handed it to Ryan, "You."

Ryan looked at the homemade card and smiled. It was a picture of he and Brendon that they had taken in a photobooth. They were both making ridiculous faces. The picture was cut into the shape of a heart and had red construction paper around it. There was glitter glue around the edges that spelled out the words 'Be mine?' Ryan looked up at Brendon and kissed him.

Ellora and Jon sat on their usual bench watching the scene. She turned to Jon once more, "See! I told you he could do it!"

Jon laughed, "I guess you were right. What did we bet anyways?"

She giggled, "I don't think we actually came up with anything."

"Right, so will this suffice?" He pulled out an envelope with her name on it.

She furrowed her brows and opened the envelope. It was a poem it Jon's handwriting, it wasn't a very good poem, but a poem nonetheless. On the other side of the poem there was a little doodle of the two of them holding hands with a heart inbetween them and a question mark below. Ellora looked up at Jon. He moved in closer and kissed her.

"Happy Valentine's Day."

So I really hope you liked this :) I think this is probably the most adorable story I've ever written. lol Valentine's Day is such a cute holiday :)
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