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Spiders, Guitar Hero and Coffee.

by Red_Skull_Kitsune 1 review

Frank and Spiders, Ray and Mikey play Guitar Hero and Madness with Coffee. More awesome that it sounds.

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Spiders, Guitar Hero and Coffee.
by ~Teewee55

I stared, "Okay... Calm down... It's just a spider... Just a littl- FUCK IT MOVED!" I screamed. I heard someone climb the stairs and knock on the door, "Frank," Came Gerard's voice, "Are you okay?" I stared at the spider, "Y-Yeah" I said, "Sure?" he asked, "J-Just a spider" I said. He sighed and opened the door, looking around for the spider. I felt his eyes on me, "Where is it?" he asked, I pointed to it. He laughed a little, "Frank! That's tiny!" I glared at him from the corner of my eye, well tried to, it failed.

He walked over to the spider and picked it up, I squeaked, "Careful Gee" He laughed again, "Its tiny, it can't hurt me" he said playfully, then suddenly his eyes widened, and he dropped the spider, it scuttled away quickly, "Oww" he moaned. I gasped, "Gerard! Are you okay?" I said running over to him and grabbing his hand. "It hurts" he said, I looked up and was amusement in his eyes. I groaned, "I was seriously worried Gerard!" He laughed, "Poor wittle Frankie needed saving from the spider" he said, I pouted and glared at him, which caused him to laugh more.

I turned around and walked (Stomped) out of the room. How dare him! I was worried about him and all he did was tease me! I came to a stop outside the living room, hearing guitar hero coming from inside, I walked in. Ray and Mikey were playing Guitar Hero, Mikey was loosing. I walked over, "Can I join?" I asked, "Sure, after this game" said Ray, who had a massive grin on his face. I nodded and sat down on the couch.

The game soon finished, obviously, Ray winning, "3-1!" Ray yelled, "I win!" Mikey, being more adult, stuck his tongue out at him, "And? It is 'Guitar' Hero!! I play Bass!" He argued. I laughed and Mikey glared at me, "Its not funny Frank!" This caused me to laugh more. Mikey glared at me once more then shouted, "Coffee break!" and ran to the kitchen, I was soon running after him, so was Ray. We heard a thumping coming downstairs and turned just in time to catch Gerard, which was hard considering he was taller than me, but luckily Ray could catch the most of him.

Ray pushed him up; Gerard looked sheepish and dusted himself off, "Sorry… Fell y'know" he shrugged. I nodded and laughed a little then remembered coffee and ran the rest of the way into the kitchen, where Mikey was pacing. Ray and Gerard soon joined me, and then Mikey turned to us, looking crestfallen. "What's up Mikes?" asked Gerard, Mikey fell to his awkward knees, "There's no coffee!" he bawled. Me, Ray and Gerard stared at him, then at each other, and then burst out laughing. Mikey glared at us, "It's no laughing matter!" he yelled, I stopped laughing, "I declare a trip to star bucks!" I announced. Mikey's crestfallen face now looked like Christmas had come early. He got up and danced around, "Starbucks! Starbucks! We're going to Starbucks!" he sung.

I laughed at him, "Get in the car and then we will be there quicker!" He stopped dancing abruptly, I held out the keys to the car, and he ran, grabbed them, shoved his shoes on, ran out the door, unlocked the car, and jumped inside it, in 10 seconds flat. The three of us gaped at him, "He must really want his coffee" I whispered.
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