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Results are up!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres:  - Characters: Ray Toro,Mikey Way,Gerard Way,Frank Iero - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-02-05 - Updated: 2012-02-05 - 81 words

So guys, this is Minnie!
This has taken a while, but me and Hana have been thinking and here are the results!

Ray's girlfriend: Cookie_monster
Mikey's boyfriend: BoomBoomJude
Killjoys: bloodbunny15 and xxKilljoysxx.

About EmsJayify wanting to be Frank's sister, we're not completely sure about if that'll fit in or not, but we'll see if you fit in as we write the story :)

Thanks for all the auditions, sorry if you didn't get in!
Stay beautiful, keep it ugly.
Minnie xo
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