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Actions Speak Louder Than Words :Frerard:

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Frank and Gerard go for a walk on Franks Birthday.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words :Frerard:
by ~Teewee55

It was 31st October 2003, Frank Iero's 21st Birthday, Gerard and Frank were walking down the moon-light filled street. "Frank!" Gerard whined and poked him, "Frank!" Frank glared at his friend, "Yes Gerard?" he asked, "Im bored" said Gerard, Frank sighed, it had been like this for the past few minutes, "Gerard?" Frank asked, Gerard pouted at him, "Yeah" he asked, "Shut up" Frank said, Gerard pouted more. 'He looks so cute!' Frank thought then shook his head, 'No! I cannot think that!' he thought mentally, hitting himself over his head in his mind.

A couple of minutes silence then, "Frank!" Gerard whined again, "Fra-" Frank pressed his lips to Gerard's. Gerard stood froze, Frank then pulled away. "D-Did you j-just?" Gerard stuttered, "Kiss you to shut you up? Yes" Frank said. Gerard stared at him, Frank suddenly became shy under his hazel gaze. Gerard lifted his hand to touch Frank's pale cheek, moving his dark brown hair out of the way in the progress.

Gerard moved forward slowly, towards Frank's face. Frank looked into Gerard's eyes, seeing nothing but love. Frank moved forward as well. They met in the middle, then the world around them disappeared, they felt it, they loved each other., a thousand words spoke at one.

It's true, actions do speak louder than words.
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