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New Year

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:FRERARD: Franks feeling down on New Years can Gerard cheer him up?

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Frerard New Year
by ~Teewee55

I sighed as I stood up and moved away from the rest of the guys, it was new years eve and we were having a party. The time was 10:37 and I was starting to feel sick. I looked at the guys, Gerard, with his bright red hair, was grinning and telling something to Ray. He had hardly touched a drink all night. Glancing at Mikey, his blonde hair pushed back in its normal style, he was sipping from an WKD bottle, small on, he hardly ever went all out with drinking cause he watches Gerard to make sure he dosent drink to much, he was also talking to Alicia.

I sat down in a chair, that was against a wall, and leaned against the wall. I thought back over the last month and felt my heart lurch in betrayal. Jamia had left me after she had a blood test for my- no... her girls. Frowning I tried thinking of a time when she could have... She could have cheated on me. That right, Jamia Ie- Nestor cheated on me, Frank Iero. I felt someone touch my shoulder, I looked up. It was Gerard, I smiled, "I'm okay" I paused, "Trust me" I grinned. He grinned, "I don't believe you" This was the thing I like about Gerard, he can tell when you upset and tries to cheer you up.
I sighed, for the thousanth time that evening, and let my smile drop. "Sorry Gee, I didn't mean to ruin New Years Eve. I... I was just thinking about.." I trailed off, "Jamia?" he suggested. I nodded, he wrapped his arms around me. I leant into his embrace. Secretly, I had always loved Gerard, but never told him because he had LynZ... Had, not now. That hurt me even more, because... LynZ and Jamia.... Acctually... They had a relationship, Gerard and Me were stepping stones for them. It was months ago that we found out about LynZ but we never knew who... Untill I came home and saw Jamia kissing LynZ. I shook my head to rid myself of them thoughts.

I pulled away from Gerard, "Im fine" I said simply, "Im fine" I repeated. He rested his hands on my shoulders, "Your not, do you want to go lay down?" He asked, I shook my head, "I don't want to ruin New Years" I said. He hugged me again, holding me tight, I shivered, I had to get away, I dont deserve him. "A-Actually..." I whispered, "I will go lay down" I said trying to pul away from him, he kissed my cheak and let me go. I froze, Did... Did Gerard jus kiss me? I shook my head putting it down to the alcohol in his system.

I stood up and headed towards the guest room which had become my room slightly. I pushed the door open and sat down on the bed. I groaned, I couldn't take it much longer... I had to tell him soon. I liked... no... I loved him, I had to tell him. I glanced at the clock and saw it was half past eleven, wait.... Half past Eleven! I stood and walked out of the room, back to the party.

I walked into the room and I felt someone hug me from behind, I saw some red hair and guessed it was Gerard, "Gee?" I asked, "You okay?" I felt the weight come off me and I was turned around, he looked to serious. "Come with me" he said, I nodded dumbly and followed him to his room.

He opened the door and dragged me into the room, I was still following him. He let go on my hand and sat down on the bed. I sat down next to him, "Whats up Gerard?" I asked, he sighed, "Frank, Y'know about LynZ and Jamia?" I nodded, dulled pain stabbing my heart, I guess having Gerard here helped me get over it a little bit, "Well..." he trailed off, turning to look at me. I gulped, his hazel eyes were shining in an emotion I couldn't describe. "G-Gee?" I said uncertainly, then suddenly he kissed me. I froze, he pulled away, his eyes wide. "Fuck, Sorry Frank! I-I'll just... I'll just go!" he said standing up, I grabbed one of his hands.

He stared at me, I started back, "D-Dont leave m-me" I stuttered. I stood up and wrapped my arms around him, I glanced at the clock and smiled, tilting my head so I could see him, I stood on my tiptoes and whispered, "Happy New Year" before kissing him. Seddenly the door flew open, and two gasps sounded, I pulled away quickly, or tried to, I couldn't cause Gerard had wrapped his arms around me, then suddenly, "Oh my fucking god!" came Rays voice. I blushed heavily. I looked at Gerard, he was grinning like a madman, "Happy New Year Motherfuckers!" he said, I smiled, "Happy New Year!" I said as well, suddenly we were both envolped in a group hug, "Group hug!" Yelled Ray, Mikey was smiling as well, we all hugged.

This.... This was the best New Years yet!
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