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I am offering my services

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To those in need of editors or betas. Click here..

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I kinda have some rules for the fics I'll beta or edit.

1) Must a Frank/Gerard. It's the only pairing I'm comfortable reading.

2) You MUST send it to me in an attachment. Not in the body of the email, please.

3) No killjoy fics, please. I don't have anything against Danger Days AT ALL. It's just that I don't like reading killjoy fics that much, just like some people don't like student/teacher, or supernatural fics or whatever

My services include:

-editing grammar/ typos/ punctuation... anything

-Giving suggestions

-Help giving ideas

-If there are parts in which there isn't much detail, or isn't written very well. I'll probably write you a couple of example paragraphs in which you are free to use or not.

So just submit a review with your name/ link to fic/ email and I will pick THREE fics or Four if I find myself with more time. Probably the ones that interest me the most, or sound like it is heading in a great direction.


-Poison Ivy a.k.a Ivy Morgan Dale
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