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Claire De Lune

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Sometimes, plans don't turn out quite right, but they still come out fine in the end. Lani reflects at Madain Sari.

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Like with all deserts, the nights in Madain Sari are cold. Not so cold, however, that she can't find time to sit outside and kind of watch the distant ocean, and the even farther horizon. Beyond that horizon is supposedly a continent covered in ice.
She's never seen it. Kind of wishes she has, or that she could, but after her royal fuckup with the Queen, there's no way that's happening.
The Queen's anger is only one reason she's here, rather than home. There's the fact that she'd have to do some major negotiating with the Gargan Roo thieves if she wanted to go home. And there's the fact that she screwed up big time in pissing off the Flaming Amarant.
She forgets he's so uptight and has so many nobilities. They're hard to spot, at first - he's callous and rude and god damn he's about the least human bounty hunter she's ever met. But at the same time... He's got all these little rules set in place.
She broke some rules and she's kind of waiting for him to come back and ask, "Well, are you sorry yet?"
She is.
Mostly because moogles are /annoying/.
She hates Madain Sari, but it's kind of faded over the last few weeks. It's dry and ugly and in the middle of nowhere, and the only things around to eat are kupo nuts and whatever these little guys scrounge up from the river or occasional raids at the dwarves' town. She hasn't been able to brush her hair or really wash her clothes in /weeks/.
But at the same time... it's kind of refreshing. There's no constant bar fight, no need to keep one step ahead of everyone else. She doesn't need to be incredibly clean; she's not around people who care. The moogles are all kind of ragged too but she sees them in the river sometimes, and hears them more often than that. She's finally mastered braiding her own hair - that's always been the job of whoever she could con into it - and it's saving her a lot of time and effort. So what if her hair's a little greasy?
It was never her plan to get stuck here. She was going to take the pendant - with or without the princess's permission - and she was going to bail with Red and head home for a hilariously huge bounty and a good few months rest.
She didn't get the bounty, but so far? The rest is coming kind of easily.
The telltale sound of a moogle approaching from behind normally makes her wince and kind of slink off to the shadows, but she kind of likes her view tonight, with the blue moon half surpassing the red.
"Miss Lani?"
The moogle's voice is kind of squeaky and reminds her of a really small kid, but they have some vicious vocabulary that no little kid would have.
"What do you want?" she snaps, but tonight it's not quite the vehement retort she usually produces.
"Would you like some coffee? Chimomo and I were going to have some in a few minutes."
She looks down at the fairy animal and raises an eyebrow, recalling that "the one with the flipped fur" is Momatose.
"...I guess," she mutters, looking back to the horizon.
The moogle follows her gaze and says, "You know, Lady Eiko always said that when the blue moon was in front of the red one, people stopped fighting so much and peace was more prevalent."
Lani snorts and shakes her head.
"That's kid stuff."
Momatose smiles and says, "I guess so," before shuffling back towards the kitchen. "I'll call you when the coffee's ready."
Lani makes an unobtrusive noise and when she knows the moogle's gone, she lets herself smile.
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