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Fuck the whole wide world

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If i am to die then you are coming with me

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I ran out of the hospital. I had jus been told i had aweek to li e.what woild you do in that situation. Difficult uh? Well i ran to my house and went up to the attic. I found a box called GRAMPA.i openednit to find a rovolcer gun glemming in the dim light. To my knpwledge this only had five bullets in it. This was going to br harder than i thought. I grabbed the gun and made my way down tp the living room. Ha what a stupic name living there going to have to change rhe name when i am done here. My presious frankie woulbe home soon and this would all end. I am hoping he brings mikey and ray with him that would make two fornme and one for each of them. I can't wait. I hear a car door slam then another one then an other one. He brought them he is so kind.
"Gerard i'm home" my frankie yells i ce into view
"so what were the results" he says with a sad look on his face.
"they said i had a week to live" frank stares at me like he is scared.
"gerard why are you smiling?" frank says worrily
"it will all be over soon" i am so happy. I pull the gun from behind my back. Frank backs away
"gerad honey what are you doing" i grab his arm and smile sweetly at him
"don't worry it won't hurt for long then we will always be together" i caught mikeys eye
One shot ray was down
Two shot mikey was down
Three shot my ftankie was down
Four shot i was down
Five shot we were together
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