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Frankie needs sleep......

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Franks POV
"Anyway, you really should give you mother a chance, she cooked for you, got everything set up and perfect for you to stay there tonight and what do you do? You throw it back at hr, just like that!" He says, growing read in the face and clicking his fingers together. Poor Blokes taxi hadn't arrived yet, a taxi was like seeing a rare exotic animal in our tiny remote little village. "Dayle, just be quiet." I said grumbling, face down in the pillow. I just wanted rest, just an hour or so's worthy of sleep. Constant sleeping and no interruptions. I could forget Georgia, forget Bob, forget my mother and forget... him. The person who i didn't know yet who had thrown me off the edge. I wasn't a homosexual. I was absolutely certain too. "I won't be quiet this time Frank. You know, when i were your age i was respectful to my mother, god bless her and save her. She brought me up on her own after my old dad passed, and you know what? Look at me now, a successful business doing a job that i love, living in this village, without her love, support and never failing faith and guidance i wouldn't be here." He began, that was one thing you noticed instantly about Dayle. He was so optimistic all the time, so faithful in people. It really pissed me off.
"Dayle! My Mom and I have a diffrent relationship okay? It's a different ball game altogether. She doesn't love me and i fucking hate her!" My blood beginning to boil beneath my chapped skin.
"Don't speak of her like that. You KNOW she adores you!" He retaliates and i i lose it. I lose it. I just lose it. My fist, my fist is going closer to his jaw. Full force, too strong and a sickening crack rings through the empty space in the air as he falls into a crumpled heap on the floor. What have i done?
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