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Tribute to Fight Club. The book, not the film.

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Here I sit, observing my peer’s doings, musing over their petty antics, their desperate need to belong, to be one, to fucking fit in. It’s quite ironic may I add, seeing as, no matter how much I get filled with contempt (and let it be known my feelings are genuine), I’m still here, putting on yet another beauty treatment that will only give me dissapointment, when reality overrules the shouts of empty promises I’m so willing to believe. After all, scorn is subjectible to jealousy, and sarcasm is only a mask to hide deeper feelings.
Oh the ways of the world I find disgusting. And I sit alone at 1 in the morning I quote Ms Austin. “The more I see of the world the more dissatisfied I am by it”. It’s ironic seeing as the only one I am most disappointed with is me. I hate me and I sweetly plan my own self destruction. Masochistic, sadistic and fucked up in the head? Maybe. Fuck that. Most probably yes. Then again that could just be the apathy talking, seeing as these musings are the ones to express my care.
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