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Valentine's Day

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Rikey Valentine's Day fic

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I scrunch my nose in disgust as I walk around seeing couples making out and being all lovey. Valentine’s Day. What a waste of a holiday. You don’t even get out of school. But I think that’s the point. Trap the high school kids together on this lame holiday. The ones with someone will go overboard to make the single people feel even lonelier. Unloved. It’s a real help for the self conscious kids. I sigh as I shove past a couple, connected at the mouth. What happened to the PDA rules? I walk to my locker to exchange my books, only to see Frank and Gerard leaned against it, making out. I roll my eyes.

“Go fuck somewhere else.” I cross my arms.

They pull apart grinning.

“You’re just upset because you’re not kissing him.” Frank shrugs.

“Oh yes. Totally jealous because I wanna make out with my brother.” I wish I could drown them with the sarcasm in my voice “Now move.”

Gerard giggles and pulls Frank off of the locker “I think he’s more upset about not kissing someone else.”

I blush and fumble with the lock “Shut up.”

Frank giggles “Aww has Mikeybear got a crush?”

“He has.” Gerard grins.

“I’ll kill you both.” I begin exchanging my books.

“Who?” Frank bounces.

Gerard giggles before whispering “You know that kid, Ray Toro?”

“The one with the big ass fro?” Frank continues to bounce.

Gerard nods as I hit him with my very heavy math book “OUCH!”

“Serves you right.” I slam the locker shut, close the lock and storm away.

They, like any annoy friends would, follow me into the library.

I sigh “Can’t you two go fuck in an abandoned classroom or something?”

“Well that would be interesting to walk in on.” Ray says from behind me.

I blush as Gerard and Frank burst into laughter, causing them to get kicked out of the library. I sigh and give Ray a fake smile before going to hide between the bookshelves. I curl up in the back, hugging my knees.

“Stupid fucking holiday. Stupid fucking brother and his Stupid fucking boyfriend.”

“They can’t be that stupid.” Ray walks around the bookshelf.

“You followed me.”

He shrugs and takes a seat “Well you walked away when I was trying to talk to you.”

“Oh...s-sorry my-”

“Brother and his stupid fucking boyfriend where bothering you.” he smiles “I saw.”

I blush and nod “So sorry...what’d you wanna talk to me about?”

He shrugged “I didn’t have a particular subject in mind...” He scoots closer “I’d just like to talk to you. You’re very interesting. Plus I’m alone today and having a friend is so much better than watching everyone kiss while you contemplate stabbing yourself, ay?”

I’m interesting?

I nod “And your brother and his boyfriend making out on your locker...just makes you want to grab a gun so it’ll be quicker.”

He smiles and scoots closer “Ya know, if you weren’t so quiet and introverted, you’d have the girls all over you.”

I snort “Impossible and unwanted.”

“The boys, then.” he shrugs a bit too casually.

I blush “I-I...I’m not interesting Ray.”

He shakes his head “I disagree. You’re so quiet in class but with your friends it’s different. Like you trust them enough to let them hear your voice. Trust them enough to let them into your mind. I envy them, honestly.”

“What? Why?”

“Because, you silly naive oblivious boy. I want you to be comfortable like that around me.”

“What? ...Why?”

He rolls his eyes and moves closer “This is why.” He gently presses his lips to mine.

I gasp against his lips before getting up, grabbing my backpack and running out of the library. I run past the cafeteria and the classrooms. I shove past the couples in the hall, going to the door. I run outside and to Gerard’s car. I open the back door and lock myself inside. Curled up, lying in the seat. What the fuck just happened? I gently touch my lips and remember the feeling of his pressed against them. I blush, then smack my head.


A tapping noise breaks me from my train of thought. I look up and see Ray, grinning. I blush and sit up, opening a door for him. He sits beside me and closes the door.

“You...must have a terrible headache. Although I’m not sure if it would be caused from your yelling or hitting...” He rubs my head gently “M’I that bad a kisser?”

I blush and shake my head.

He chuckles “If I did it again, would you run?”

“I might...”

“Well the door’s locked so I’ll have to catch you.” he grins.

I blush deeply “Why would you want to kiss me.”

He cups my cheek with his hand “Because, Mikey Way,” He pecks my lips and pulls back a bit “You’re interesting.” he pecks again “And I hate being alone on Valentine’s Day.” he deepens the kiss and holds me close by the waist.

I link my arms around his neck and kiss back this time, a smile tugging at the corners of my lips. When we pull apart he gives me a big dorky grin.

“Be my Valentine?”

I giggle and kiss him again.
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