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The city has been destroyed. One family destined to kill, the other to love.

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The once bustling city was quiet, a dead silence ringing in the air. It was as if all it's inhabitants had just vanished. Neon lights flickered in the night, their power, soon vanishing like the rest of them. Countless buildings had been torn, vines growing up the sides, twisting into open windows and tormenting what was left inside. Abandoned cars lined the streets, each covered in a powdery blue dust, as was the rest of the city. The sirens warning of the cities demise had long since stopped.

All was still.

Alacania had once been the center of the worlds attention. Everyone wanted to see this magical city that sparkled like diamonds in the sun. Children were often seen playing in the city's national park, each one wearing a snow white uniform. The members of the community all wore the same thing, always that white uniform. Everyone was friendly. Almost robotic with their actions. The city was quickly rising to the top.

Something happened to that place, but only a handful of people knew the truth. Had it simply been abandoned? Or was it a warning sign from mother nature?

Little did they know it all started with two families, at war with eachother. It was their sons that ultimately caused the tragedy. One was destined to kill, the other to love.

This is the true story of Gerard Way and Frank Iero, and their plan to destroy the one thing denying them of their hearts desire.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is just a prologue, so it obviously isn't very long. Iwill try to update every Friday.

I am not going to rush this, I want it to be perfect.

But is it something you would be interested in?
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