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Stupid Questions I Keep Getting

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Narrow-minded shit heads

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I got a few questions on my formspring that made me want to rip my goddamn hair out. I'll answer them anyways.

Anonymous Asked: do egyptians rly ride camels to school?

no, we don't. As shocking as it may seem, we have cars.

Anonymous Asked: Wait! so u have CARS and SCHOOLS?

yes we do. my school was called hayah international academy. Hana (c-o-c-a-i-n-e) goes there now

Anonymous Asked: omg I didn't know. that's cool. do u guys live in pyramids in egypts?

....I'm not even gonna answer that.

Anonymous Asked: So is it true that arab girls have really have large titties?

I don't know about other chicks, but mine are small. I don't go asking around for bra sizes.

Anonymous Asked: why are arabs so angry all the time?

I don't know. We're not really angry. we just like yelling on the phone, even when there is no emergency.

Anonymous Asked: "We're"? OMG your arab too? but you look so nice

of course I'm a fucking arab. if you didn't think i was then why were you asking me shit all this time?

Anonymous Asked: oh I just thought you lived there. but what a coincidence, i love hummus.

yeah, how cool are we? We're known with anger management issues and hummus. nice

also, MY LIFE IS THIS ._.
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