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They always came back, always.

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In the way Axl turned around, Izzy could see that it was the last time for them to meet. The door fell shut with a dark noise, leaving the trembling rhythm guitarist in his empty hall. He couldn't believe Axl got mad because of something like this. A small tear ran across his cheek, as he thought back to the event that took place just 30 minutes ago. Izzy told Axl that he couldn't be in Guns N' Roses anymore, he needed to quit everything, come clean, find back to himself, find his way. But he also told Axl, that he would always be there for him. The tear dropped from his chin to the floor, hitting the broken cellphone. The cellphone that Izzy had bought just so Axl could be connected with him in his time-out. A personal number only for Axl. At the point where he mentioned the cellphone Axl was already so mad that he just smashed the little plastic thing out of Izzy's hand. His head began to spin as he stumbled up the stairs. He passed all the photos of Axl and him, back in Lafayette where they always hung around, the first Guns N' Roses gig, and so on. Perhaps it was better to let go. Perhaps it couldn't be considered friendship if Axl smacked him down at the first sight of being independent. Perhaps Izzy was ready to leave. As he covered his mouth to kill the sobs that were burning in his throat, he realized he had enough. Sobbing, he ran around his house, ripping off the photos, when he came back to the kitchen, seeing his refrigator. With a strange yelp escaping from his lips, he opened the door and grabbed the first bottle of alcohol he saw.

One hour later, Axl picked up his phone, grinning when he heard Izzy, drunk as fuck. They always came back to him. It wasn't his fault that Izzy was acting so stupid. It was never his fault. He was Axl Rose, he couldn't do anything wrong. He knew in the second where he turned away, that Izzy would come back.

This is for Lea, because friends can be assholes sometimes. I love you.
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