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The I.V. & Your Hospital Bed

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My eyes flutter open and I look around. White walls, a small window to my left, but the blinds are closed but aren't blocking any sunlight. It's night time and rain slowly patters against the window pane. I look at my arms where IV's are connected to the inside of them and panic. I'm in a hospital. I quickly try to recall the events of last night and can't. My heart starts beating faster as my chest quickly inflates and deflates with every panicked breath.

"Hello?!" I mutter once, then find myself almost screaming it, but my voice isn't letting me.

A knock on the door. I look over but there's a curtain blocking my view. I quickly swat it away to reveal Pete standing in the doorway with a platter of food in hand, walking toward me.

"I-" But before I can speak he's reached me and he's put his hand on my arm and I sit up to face him as he gingerly sits on the end of the bed and situates the built in table and places food on it.

He suddenly stops and looks at me when he feels my gaze on him and worry flickers in his features. No, baby, don't worry about me. I'll be fine, I hurt you, are you okay? I find myself repeating these words in my head as his eyebrows knit together and his fingers find my hand and entangle them with mine. He stares at me for another moment.

"Are you feeling any better?" He asks, genuine concern dripping in every word.

"I think I am I just," I hesitate, feeling like he knows something I don't. "I don't know exactly what happened last night..." I trail off as I try to retrieve the events of last night and start coughing into my arm. He reaches over and rubs my lower back, his touch calming me.

"You're okay. You just drank a little too much. You're okay," he repeats, a small smile crossing his face. I feel a heavy want pool deep in every crevice of my bones. I reach over and push the small rolling table away from my lap and to the side of the room before laying on my side and pulling at his arm, feeling like a little girl prodding at her busy father. I'm glad he isn't my father.

His smile broadens. He doesn't move though. I pull at his arm with more force, as much as I can manage, and he lets out a small chuckle before standing up and pulling off his jacket and shoes. "You should eat." He states as he studies me.

I close my eyes and murmur "Please, please," before he gives in and rolls onto the bed facing me. I drape my arm around his waist, pulling myself closer to him, desperately breathing in his somewhat familiar scent to block out the hospital aroma. His fingers alternate between carding through my hair and drawing small circles on my bare arm.

I press my forehead against his collarbone and fuzzies creep up inside of me as I feel him lightly kiss the top of my head. I kiss his collarbone in response, his adam's apple, and before I know it I'm finding myself desperately kissing and sucking his neck and pulling myself as close as I can, shoving a leg between his, entangling our ankles together. I feel his breathing hitch and his hands move to cup my ass as he shoves me up in the bed suddenly and our lips clash together, needy and willing. I rub my leg between his two now and feel his erection poke into my thigh and smile against his lips and kiss harder, cupping his erection. He bucks his hips into my palm and suddenly pulls back.

"No, no, no..." He murmurs as he pulls away from me, but when I try to scoot closer to him he gently shoves my arm away.

"What?" I ask annoyingly.

"You need to eat," He hesitates to think for a moment, "and sleep. And we can't do this here..." He trails off and rubs his temples as he sits up in bed, I follow his lead. His erection is still throbbing through his pants clear to see, and it takes a lot for me not to suck him off right there. I'm fine, baby, let me take care of you...

"What time is it?" I argue, my brows knitting together in frustration.

He sighs and checks his phone. "Five A.M., you need sleep."

I purse my lower lip at him and he chuckles softly and hangs his head.

"Will you stay with me at least?"

He considers it for a moment. "Okay, but only if you can manage to try to stop making me want you so bad," he smiles and I do the same in return. My eyes wander to his crotch for a moment. His erection's died down and I huff as I return to bed.

He shrugs his shirt off and lays behind me now, holding me gingerly as he cards his fingers through my hair. I soon lull off to sleep.

I awake to the sound of running water and a knock on the door. The water turns off as I groggily open my eyes and as the door opens my aunt walks through holding flowers and balloons. How sweet...

"Honey, you're awake!" She starts walking toward me with a grin on her face then the door to her left opens and out comes a freshly showered Pete with a towel loosely hanging off of his hips. She looks wide eyed for a moment and Pete smirks at her and places his hands on his hips casually like this is an everyday occurrence.

"I'll just go get dressed." he states as he turns his heal to walk back into the bathroom to do just that. My aunt frowns at me.

"Well... you two seem to be quite comfortable around each other already," she observes, "anything I should know about now?" She quirks a brow at me and sits at the end of the bed.

"Er- no," I squirm where I lay. Her prodding eyes landing on my tired ones. "What exactly do you mean?"

"Well," she starts, and I can see this question makes her uncomfortable. "it just looks like I walked in on something when I finally got a call last night about what happened," she frowns again at the thought then seems to shoo it away and sighs. "your dad was worried, but I told him you're alright. I saw you two laying together and decided not to interrupt anything and now here I am." She shrugs and smiles at me, still expectant for an answer.

"If you're asking if we fucked," I start as her eyes get big. Might as well get used to that language if she's going to ask me such a question. "Nope. Nothing happened."

She sighs again. The queen of sighing that woman is. "Well, I suppose I'm glad. But I'm mostly glad you're okay. The doctor is going to check up on you in a few minutes then," Pete walks out of the shower wearing a royal red polo shirt and tight khaki pants that cling to his muscular legs. "Then I think it's time for Pete to go. I'll be waiting in the lobby while you two say your goodbyes and whatnot. I'll be back in a few hours to take you home, okay?" She smiles at me and I nod, anxious for her to leave. "Alright then," she happily mutters and walks out.

"Didn't know she'd be coming this early," he starts as he walks toward me. I'm sitting up in the bed now, absently playing with the loose thread on my hospital dress. "Should probably get going." he continues.

I frown and face away from him, toward the window dramatically showing my disagreeance with that idea. He moves a hand to my upper back and soothingly rubs outside my loose hospital dress, I relax into it. His head moves to my shoulder and he gingerly kisses me on the cheek before getting up and walking out of the room. I don't say anything, no need to speak I suppose. We seem to be damn good at avoiding the issue by now.
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