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The End.

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So the finale is here, I know it's been awhile but here it is!

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Sorry it's been so long since I have updated but here it is. The End.

Chapter 5.

Blood ran down the walls. Screams were everywhere around me. I couldn't escape this nightmare. I couldn't even breathe. My life was coming to an end tonight and I didn't even know why. I had no idea the trouble that would be in store for me.

It had been an hour since Nina had been killed and nothing had happened. No one had said a word. Jay had not returned so we assumed he was dead. No one moved from the the front hallway. No one had even moved. Softly in the background was the gentle cries from Bob. He was devastated. His first love. They were perfect for each other now she was gone. Nothing could bring her back and nothing would settle his mind.

I decided it was time to speak, if this were to be hour last hours alive then I wanted to talk about the good times we spent together. Growing up with these guys just made me who I am today so I wanna make sure they know that I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Do you guys remember the first time we got drunk?" I asked curiously. Frank looked up and smiled.

"Yeah, I remember" He said then his smile faded "You couldn't handle your alcohol" He then grinned again.

"I so could, you were the one crying by the end of the night" I retorted. He pretended to be shocked then giggled.

"Remember Gee fell asleep in his own sick then he woke up and freaked out, ironically you said you'd never drink again" Mikey laughed and looked and his brother. Gerard didn't even realize we had been talking. "Brother!" Mikey tried again to get his attention but nothing.

"Just leave him right now" I said trying to take attention away from Gerard. I was slightly worried but what else do we expect from the situation.

"Who remembers the first time we went camping?" Mel chimmed in. I smiled and so did Frank. Tanner looked at me and she looked like she was going to say something but then didn't.

"Yeah we really weren't smart teenagers were we? we never brought enough food with us and we brought twice as much booze" Frank giggled. "What I wouldn't do to have some booze right now. Enough to black out and never have to worry about dying" He said on a more serious note.

"Look why are we even here? None of us have talked foe years. We stopped talking for a reason now we are all here for some stupid little prank that went wrong and now what 14 of us are paying for something that we didn't mean to go wrong. No he was an ass. He got what he deserved and I am not ready to accept my death for a scumbag like him. He can rot in hell. The one person I have ever loved in this whole world is now dead. I do not want anyone else dead for that sick motherfucker up there to feel happy and like he has gotten revenge for his brother. Nope not today. I will get out of here!" Bob said out of nowhere.

Everyone was stunned. No one had a clue what to say to that. He was right. He was just saying what everyone of us were thinking but too afraid to say.

And with that he got up to leave. He walked down the hallway and before any of us could shout a figure had grabbed him and slit his throat. He was dead within seconds and the figure swiftly disappeared again.

That was another one gone. Dead. Only six of us are left. By this point none of us had it in us to cry. None of us had it in us to even care. We just wanted our deaths to be quick.

One by one, We were picked off. Tanner was next. Then Frank. I cried for that one. I was loosing everyone and I was being saved until last for my part played in Jeremy's death. I guess I sorta deserve it. I should have said no to the prank. I should have said no but I didn't.

When Mel died. I felt like giving up on everything. She was the last thing I had, Gerard had emotionally lost it and Mikey wasn't talking anymore.

"You know I think we're gonna die" I said breaking the silence.

"What makes you think that" Gerard said sarcastically. I just gave him a look that said don't start me or I'll be killing you.

"Look it's obvious we are going to die but the thing is I really don't care anymore. I've lost everyting. My best friends and the woman I love. It's clear I am next. He's leaving you two until last. It's only fitting as Gerard was the one who killed Jeremy" Mikey said.

He was right. We were getting saved until last.

Mikey was next. He put up a good fight but none of us could stop it.

Gerard broke down. He started punching the wall until his hands were bleeding. He cried until nothing else came out. He just couldn't go on anymore. I was just shocked. I didn't want Gerard to be next. That's when he came over to me, he looked into my eyes and kissed me. Never had he kissed me with so much passion and it scared me. Like he thought it might be his last kiss. It scared me.

"Riley I want you to know that from what happens now that I love you. I've always loved you. Since the moment we met and I love you just as much now. I never stopped and I never will. No matter what happens that is the truth of it. I want you to know that I thought of you every single day. Wondered what an idiot I was to let you go. What an idiot I was for making the plan for that stupid prank and worst of all for killing someone who didn't deserve to die. I hate myself for this. I've killed everyone here and I'm going to have killed you. I hope you forgive me" Gerard said and pulled me in for a hug.

Before I could even reply to that out of nowhere Max fell down the stairs and onto the floor around us. The bodies were really starting to pile up. This brought us happiness and joy. This meant he was dead but who killed him?

"I bet your wondering how he is dead?" We heard a voice coming from up the stairs. Gerard pulled me behind him to shield me. Footsteps descended down the stairs and I started to panic. This was it. The voice had sounded a little familiar.

"Miss me?" Jay said. My eyes widened as Jay made his way down the stairs.

"What the hell is going on here?" I shouted.

"Don't worry everything will be fine okay. He's dead now, We can leave. I've got the keys" Jay said and made his way to the front door. The shutters started to open up and I was the first out, then Gerard. Jay was still inside. That's when we heard the gun being fired. Max couldn't have been dead.

"Jay" I said and looked at Gerard. We turned around and Jay had been shot in the arm.

"Look run guys, I've started a few fires within the house now run. This place will burn and the evidence and bodies will too. No one will know the truth now save yourselves and I'll finish that fucker off, goodluck and I'll miss you guys" Jay said and pulled the front door shut.

We looked and each other and ran.

And that's the story of my halloween. What's yours?
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