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Need Some Opinions, Mates

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Lornaigh wrote out the two versions of the story, so I'll see how many votes or whatever and then yep pretty much.

BTW: Over the next fw=ew days I'll be editing HIC, and the new chapter of it should be up this week.


Ello ello ello.

Right. So it's three in the morning (greetings from sunny Belfast; I'm pretty sure a guy just got stabbed outside my window, how attractive) and I just had a Harry Potter marathon with my boyfriend and my friends and we had pizza and Oreo's (and yes, I referenced FOTGTD, and they all sighed and rolled their eyes when I started jabbering on about Don de la Via and his bunny rabbit) and Coke and now I cannot sleep because


2. During the movie my beloved boyfriend and I were on the couch and he somehow, while we were hugging, managed to fucking poke me in the eye. Romantic. And now I've lost my contact lense and I can't find my insomnia pills and basically I ain't getting no fuckin sleep thanks to that uncoordinated fucker and his random jabbing hands.

Buuuuut, what I wanted to know, for my fic I'm currently writing, Masters of the Wicket, is this: should I feature m-preg? (A Frerard, MOTHERFUCKING OBVIOUSLY)

Now, I know loads a people hate it because it's unrealistic and shit but I was just thinking how I've never used it in one of my stories before and it might be an experience. Hell, it could be freaky as shit and I'd end up being killed with a machete by fan girls but hey, you never know if ya never try.

I have the two versions written out already cuz the story's fairly short, so I'd be miiiiiighty grateful if ye'd put your preferences in the reviews.

M-preg: yay or nay, people? And no snide comments, please. Or I'll send Don de la Via out to kill yer asses.

(Okay, Lornaigh is now homocidal on top of being sleep-deprived and high on sugar. You and your fucking arm, Gearoid...)

xo lorna/lauren/lornaigh/that weirdo who wrote the mafia fic
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