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Ideas :D

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Ideas and other shiznit :P

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Hey :D

Well i have about a MILLION different ideas scratching my brain wanting me to make into a story :P

I probably wont continue the personalised storires for a few reasons
1. I lost all the plots
2. ficwad wont let me see the plots and characters for it

So here is a few ideas i have came up with i will probably hold auditions to be in it and which ever idea gets the most recommendation i will do it and i will keep to it and make it as long as i possibly can :3

So here they are p.s i have not thought of any titles yet :

1. (they are famous in this one and the girlfriend will be most likely in a band :P) Frank and his girlfriend have an argument and Frank shouts at her 'I wish you never became famous!' and then that night the world turns upside down to when the girlfriend never even met the band and Frank has to try and rekindle the love with the help of the other band memebers and his girlfriends band (i might put waycest in this one, i want to try a waycest or any other pairing maybe?

2. Frerard, Frank has strict religious parents and attends a really posh school but then Gerard and Mikey move to the school and Frank meets Gerard. He does not tell his parents about Gerard and they get away with it for a while then the school slut (who i will hold auditionsd to be maybe) tells Franks mum and dad that frank is gay and dating Gerard, His parents then tell Gerards parents and Gerard is forced to move school again. But one problem. Gerard falls pregnant with Franks child and the child does not meet their daddy for about 10 years later. (will hold auditions for the slut, frerard's child, Franks sister (she tries to get frerard to see eachother again) and 3 people to be Gerards new friends in the next school)

These are the only two im going to post about, i could sit here forever with ideas xD

Lemme know what you think :3
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