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Killing Jar

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Mikey & Gerard are kicked out & forced to move to Naugatuck, Connecticut. Mikey meets a peculiar girl. Could their simalarites help each other through trouble? Or will the girl just bring Mikey dow...

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"Good luck Mr. Way" the lady behind the cherry oak desk said to me as she handed me an ID card & a schedule. 

"Thanks" I muttered, barley moving my mouth. I looked at my schedule:

Period One: English 2 J112
Period Two: Biology C101
Period Three: Algebra 1 C209
Period Four: Art AE113
Period Five: Spanish G210
Period Six: Lunch/Study Hall
Period Seven: History J214
Period Eight: Heath G209

What the fuck. This made no sense?
"Excuse me miss? I don't understand the schedule." She rolled her eyes.

"The building is made up of four houses. Judd, Castle, Goodyear & AE. Any number that has 100 as its number is on the bottom floor. Any number that has 200 is the second floor. Upper Castle is the Maths department. Lower Castle is the science department. Upper Goodyear is the world language department as well as health. Lower Goodyear are the labs. Upper Judd holds the History classes along with any other class that is there. Lower Judd is the English department. AE holds your electives such as art & what not. It's pretty simple" she stated, not once looking at me. A loud noise, assuming the bell, rang as a flood of students rushed to first period. Mine was just down the hall way. Thank. God. 

I squeezed & squirmed my way through the sea of of people, mostly smelling of weed. 
I strolled in to what seemed to be J112.
"Alas! The new pupil of Naugatuck High School! Please, introduce yourself kind sir!" the teacher exploded as I stepped timidly into the classroom.

"Erm. My names Mikey. Mikey Way. I came from New Jersey. So uh. Yeah." I awkwardly rubbed my hair. 

"Thank you kind sir! I am Mr. Pullen. Why don't you take a seat next Jason over there!" the young teacher pointed towards a tall guy sitting in the middle of the room. I sat down next to him, feeling awkward as can be.
"I don't care who you are. What you have been through. Why you moved to this shit hole. Just dont bother me." he said not glancing at me once.

This will be a long day.

A/N: Period three is where the good shit happens. So I'm taking you there. & sorry if this seems a little messy but I just needed to fill stuff up. Yes this is based off my high school. 

Period three

"Class this Mikey." the teacher told me. 
The class chorused with a few "hey" or "what's up". That's the nicest greeting I've gotten this morning. 

"Have a seat anywhere dear. My name is Mrs. Russel." the teacher smiled & gestures towards any seat.

The seats were set up two by two. I sat at an empty pair across from a guy wearing a navey blue beanie & a girl with ginger hair. She was gorgeous. Her hair was straight and it fell perfectly around her shoulders. A knitted lime green beanie rested perfectly on her head. She wore a black  Misfits shirt with light grey skinny jeans. On her feet were black sparkly toms. Her face contained the perfect amount of makeup, making her black eyes stand out. I felt my stomach tingle as she opened her mouth to speak.
"Hi Marcus."
"Hi Sarah"
"How are you?"
"Shitty, you?"
"That's terrible. I'm okay. Wanna buy a soda?"
"That's good. & No I'm out if money"

The two had a conversation in monotone. It almost seemed like a daily routine for them.

"Where'd you come from?" the girl, who I'm assuming is Sarah, asked nicely.
"Belleville New Jersey" I muttered.

She let out a whistle, "that's pretty far from here. I'm Sarah" she smiled & extended out her hand. I smirked & shook it lightly.
"Mikey" I answered. 

Sarah got up, leaving Marcus & sat next to me. 
"This class is bull shit" she laughed. I shrugged my shoulders to agree. 
"Mrs. Russel. Mikey here doesn't know where his next class is, can I show him? Plus he needs to set up his lunch account. Can I help him?" she gave me a wink.

"Of course you can! You're so sweet" she smiled at us as Sarah grabbed her bag & my arm, leading me towards the door.

"How?" I laughed a little.
"Ever see Ferris Bueller's Day Off?" she asked.
"Well I'm Ferris. Some people actually call me Ferris because I get away with everything & well no one can stop me" she flashed me an award winning smile showing off perfectly align white teeth.

"I texted my friends Nate, Theresa, & Jake to meet us by Marty's Place. They're really nice people. Theresa is a freshmen along with me. Nate is a senior. Jake is a super senior. He's been here for five years." she said as we snuck out if the building towards the sports fields.

"You're a freshie? I'm a sophomore. I was put in freshmen algebra because I'm stupid" I stated. It's true. Math is my worst subject.

"You're not stupid so don't sweat it kid. I should be a sophomore but I had to repeat the 8th grade because I got expelled." she grimaced at the memory.

"What did you do?" I curiously asked.

"Story for later. Or never. Boagie?" she pulled out a carton of cigarettes. I simply agreed taking one of the cancer sticks.

We made our way up to a little concession house labeled Marty's Place. She pulled out a lighter that had the Misfits skull on it & light her stick as well as mine.

"So why here? This is the worst place someone could pick. Anywhere in this state. We have rape, homicides, gangs. Pretty everyone here is a druggie. We aren't nice people. This place smells like beer & marijuana. We're so poor we can't afford paper. I mean seriously, here of all places in the world." she said taking a long drag.

"Well. I moved up here with my brother. He's 18. Our parents kicked us out because I guess they didn't want us anymore. The only money we have is from what our grandmother left me & him in her will. He works at the Old Corner. We live in the apartments right above it. The guy lets us eat there for free" my mouth watered because those hot dogs are the best thing ever.
She smiled at me.
"I live by myself in the same apartment building. 2-B"
I smiled really big.
"Really? I'm 2-C" I said excitedly.
"Wait" I started "Why do you live by yourself?" I asked looking at her.
Her smiled faded, she turned away from me taking a drag from her boagie & smashing the remains on the ground.
"Story later. Or never" she mumbled.

A/N: end of chapter one. Yay? It sucks yeah but I'm trying okay? It's gonna get better. I promise :) this isn't edited so if anyone would be kind to do so I would appreciate it. I'm writing off an iPod. 
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