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And give me all your poison

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the constant dream of [/that/] night haunting me like a ghost in the snow, long forgotten but still there

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Chapter 3-And give me all your poison

(Gee’s pov)

This cannot be happening to me, I repeat this cannot be happening to me. What did I ever do to deserve this kind of punishment? This all because I realised I was a homosexual at the age of fourteen? Or is it because I accidentally broke my brothers’ hair straightners last month? Or is it because I didn’t let Ray borrow my Megadeth CD last week? Is it because of all of that!?
I would rather swallow a bottle of cyanide, eat razorblades or even sleep on a bed of shattered glass. Anything but this! This has to be the worst punishment out of all punishments on earth! Hell even! 

“You do know this all your fault don’t you?” Frank hissed at me so sweetly it was more like sweet venom coming from his lips.
I glanced up to make sure our English teacher wasn't near us then swept my hair out of my face, “And how, pray tell, do you work that one out?” I hissed back in equal sweetness.
“Oh maybe, because you were the one who started this whole public affair all because I looked at you wrong.” Frank hissed in mock indifference.
“Oh so you admit it, you were looking at me.” I hissed smugly as I smirked.
Frank was about to reply but we both noticed Ms Porch looking over at us from her desk suspiciously. She wasn't all that too keen on letting us study together. Can’t say I’m too keen on it myself and by the way Frank is acting, he isn't exactly elated at this decision either.

(Frank’s Pov)
Okay, take deep breaths. In. Out. Okay doing well so far, keep it up, don’t hyperventilate because you’re sitting only three inches away from the hottest guy possible. 
Okay I admit, Gerard is hot, you would have to be blind as a well blind as a blind guy can be not to notice. At first, I thought the whole vampire look was weird but once I got a better look, it actually suits the guy. Pale white skin, hollow check bones, pointed jaw line, small nose, bright, hazel green eyes rimmed with charcoal guy liner, not to mention the shirts and jeans he wears so tightly it leaves little to the over hormone charged teenager imagination. Mine in particular if I’m honest. His long, choppy, ebony black hair framing his face and making his skin stand out even more.
Gerard looked up at me from the essay we were supposed to be working on. I quickly ducked my head, hiding my face behind my fringe, blushing furiously and fidgeted with my pen I held in between my fingers. I glanced at his hand that he had placed on his thigh under the desk and I noticed how long and slender they were. They were almost spider like, artist fingers my mom would call them. 
I looked down at my own; rough, with the nails bitten right down to the core and chipped, the skin callused underneath. Typical guitar fingers. I looked at the bandages I had wrapped around my knuckles and a small pleased grin reached my lips. I got my knuckles tattooed by a friend of a friend who worked as a part time tattooist. I couldn't wait for the result. I had gotten ‘Halloween’ tattooed across them, the day of my birthday. Pretty cool right?
I sighed and began tapping my pen on my thigh, wondering what next to write down on my essay. We were writing about the classic play of Hamlet by Shakespeare and I was stuck. Gerard seemed to be having no problems judging by the fact he was continuing to write in his notebook. I vaguely considered asking him to help but seeing as how our last conversation hadn't been going anywhere but towards another argument, I was pretty reluctant. But, we were supposed to be working together right? And to do that you gotta speak to one another right? 
I took a deep breath to calm my nerves then cleared my throat.
“Hey, uh, Gerard?” I muttered quietly.
No response. He just continued scribbling down. I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes and tried again.
“Gerard.” I hissed; I looked around quickly to make sure the teacher wasn't hovering around near by, “Pst, Gerard?”
Gerard sat up a bit straighter, looking confused, then I saw it. The ear bud in his ear. I tried not to laugh. Fucking smart ass. I tapped him on the shoulder and he looked round.
“Did you ask me something?” he asked in a low voice, removing his ear bud.
“Uh…yeah I did.” I admitted biting my lip ring, “Um, I was kind of wondering if you could help me out a tiny bit?”
Gerard looked at me bemused, “You. Asking me. For help?” he asked in disbelief, a tone of amusement lacing his voice.
I frowned slightly annoyed. Here we go again! I try to start a polite conversation, then he goes and acts like a five star jerk! I took a deep breathe to stop myself giving out an acid retort and tried my best to smile.
“Yeah, it would be kind of helpful.”

(Gerard’s pov)

Are my ears deceiving me or did Frank Iero, teenage punk extraordinaire, public animal cruelty protester, and one hundred percent fluent in sarcasm not to mention a total dick head, just ask me, teenage misfit, public gay rights campaigner, one hundred percent vampire lookalike and not to mention a total music freak, for help? You gotta be fucking shitting me here.
“Um…sure, what you stuck on?” I spoke up.
Frank smiled at me relieved and I couldn't help but think how cute he looked. Okay stop right there Gee, remember why you two fell out in the first place. 
So English class passed by pretty fast and surprisingly, it passed without a single sarcastic reply or insult traded between us and when the bell rang, signalling fifth period was over, Frank smiled at me again and thanked me.
“Thanks a lot Gee, I really appreciate it, I get completely stumped when it comes to Shakespeare.” He admitted, packing his notebooks and pen away.
“No problem Frankie.” I shrugged casually putting my own stuff away-then I paused.
Frank also paused in putting his bag over his shoulder, looking equally shocked.
We were both speaking so casually to each other, using our old nicknames, as if the past three months hadn’t happened. If I was honest, I kind of felt…cheerful at the thought. I remembered spending the first month wishing things would blow over, sleepless nights where I would stare at the ceiling of my basement remembering the good memories we shared and how they were all shattered with one drunken mistake, hardly eating cause I couldn’t get rid of the guilt I had eating away at me from the inside, burning all other emotions out like white hot acid, my grades slipping because I couldn’t get the words his parents had screamed at him like poisonous venom , out of my head, repeating over and over as if it was a CD and someone had put a track on repeat, the constant dream of that night haunting me like a ghost in the snow, long forgotten but still there, the constant nagging worry that I should say or do something to comfort him, and the fact that I didn’t sending shivers sharp as needles up my spine. As if someone had cocked a gun to my head and I was wondering if they were going to pull the god damn trigger, I was wondering how he was coping and if he was ever going to talk to me only to be met with icy indifference when he finally did.
I felt vaguely amazed at how one or two sentences, can trigger so many memories. I was shaken out of my thoughts when I felt someone lightly tug my hair. I looked round to see Frank looking at me with an expression torn between annoyance and amusement.
“You okay?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Uh yeah sorry, spaced out.” I admitted, grinning sheepishly as I tucked my hair behind my ear.
“Uh huh.” Frank said sounding amused, his arms folded as he made a small popping noise, “I realized that.”
I laughed embarrassed, “Yeah I do that- a lot.” I admitted putting my bag over my shoulder, my cheeks heating up.
“It’s okay, I was just saying sorry, for you know, calling you Gee without asking I guess.” Frankie said shyly, as he scuffled his worn out, graffiti covered black converse on the floor, a faint blush on his own cheeks as he hid his eyes beneath his fringe.
I let a ghost of a smile grace my lips at how shy he had suddenly became, just like when we first met. Without thinking, I stretched out my hand, and held his chin up with a finger. He blinked at me, the pinkness more visible on his cheeks.
“Hey, it’s okay.” I muttered, “I did it too, I guess seeing as how we’re meant to work together, I’m sure nicknames are an allowance, unless you feel awkward.”
Frank swallowed then nodded, “Uh, I mean no, no it doesn't make me feel awkward, at all, no, yeah we can make nicknames an allowance I guess, seeing as how we’re working together and shit, yeah.” He spluttered, going redder with each word, “Because I don’t feel awkward about it all.” He said defiantly.
I chuckled, letting my hand drop, “Cool.” I smiled at him, “We’re both at Art right?” 
Frankie bit down on his lip ring thoughtfully, “Sixth period?” he asked looking at me.
“Yep.” I made a small popping noise.
“Then yeah, Art next. For the both of us.” Frank grinned at me, shrugging his bag on his shoulder more securely, “Want to walk together?”
“Sure.” I shrugged.
Frank-sorry- Frankie grinned at me, “Sweet, let’s go.”
I followed him outside the class and I could have sworn I saw Ms Porch give both me and Frank a knowing smile.
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