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chapter 2

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halfway through the trip to camp lakeside shore....

em's p.o.v

"hey em why do you hate the idea of being a camp counselor in your...father's camp?" i hated the way bob said 'father' he just kind of sneered the word.i just sighed took off my earphones that were blasting the misfits. "i just dont want to be with all the whiny teenagers thats all" mikey and bob smirked at me."em please enough with the B.S. you and i both know your not telling us the real reason is it that bad?" Bob kept on pushing me yes, i didnt want to say the real reasons because those involve my dark days and yes 'it was that bad'. i turned to frank who had bearly woken up from his nap. "hey frank its storytime" i murmured to him."yay!" he cheered stretching his tattoed arms."the reason i dont like my dad's camp is because when i had to attend it was worse than highschool like hell number two.i was really weird and not really outdoorsy and with me having asthma didnt help at all the guys and girls all they went there for is to party and find someone to hook up being stupid at showing up at one of the parties they mocked me i was just that teen trying to fit in well no they didnt want me so that night raquel had one of her 'friends' talk me to go to the lake with him but i was kinda scared but he was hot so i went and this is what happened. raquel popped out of nowhere i didnt know how to swim and they pushed me in the lake taking pics and just practically letting me drown thats why i hate camp lakeside shore" they all gave me a weird look even gerard who was looking at me from the rearview mirror."yeah story of my life guys thats why you bearly see me smile and i express really sad songs in my band" Inner Knives,my band was a way to escape,also it was just a way to express how i much hatred i have for myself but you know ever since the guys from MCR became like my bestfriends everything has gotten way better for me.finally.

20 min later.....
"were here" frank sighed i nodded and took a deep breath.i gulped grabbed my duffel bag and was the last one to get out of the car. once i took in the smell of lillies i groaned and went back inside no way in hell was i gonna go!!!no no no!! "oh no you dont" mikey and ray grabbed my arms and lifted me up. "damn!!" i growled. they literally had to drag me."no please!" gerard laughed "sorry hun the only way youre gonna get over this is by showing up and facing your fears" god hes a mean person with a sexy voice!!

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