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Everyone who falls wants consolation. Touga in the Chairman's Wing.

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Akio sometimes asked Touga for favours that were not really favours. Akio would ask Touga to do something, and Touga would do it, because he knew that Akio knew his price and would pay. That night, it was a simple favour: stay. After the flourish of pink sheets, in which both men who were not Princes showed off their own beauty, Touga most often went home. That night, Akio wanted him to stay.

Touga wondered why. Akio had said nothing more than usual, and was now on his back, breathing deeply and evenly... asleep. Touga had left him, and walked throughout the rest of the building.

He wondered, too, who had made the Chairman's Wing and how. He'd seen things that certainly couldn't be here. At one point, he'd thought he was walking through the Duel Arena, with the castle hanging overhead.

And then he came to a merry-go-round.

It was pretty, in the low light, all lit up itself with fabulous creatures parading around the circle. He remembered going to fairs as a child, riding a white horse with the other children and laughing. He even remembered once when Saionji had been with him. Saionji had grumbled that merry-go-rounds were a kiddy thing and not for the likes of Touga or himself, but Touga thought he'd heard Saionji laugh a little on his green steed.

There was someone riding the merry-go-round, Touga noticed, and took a step closer. A man... or a boy, it was hard to tell with such darkness over his face, wearing a Prince's uniform, riding the same white horse that Touga had always chosen.

Touga stepped to the edge of the merry-go-round, which came silently to a halt. There was a horse to each side of the boy with the Prince's outfit, a white one to his right, a black one to his left.

Touga said nothing. Without knowing why he did it, he slung his leg over the black horse, and the merry-go-round started again. Maybe the music had changed.

"Of course," said the boy, in a quiet voice Touga might have recognised. "But white horses suited you once."

Touga didn't answer. He held on to the pole that kept the black horse in place, and did not laugh.

"You will not Revolutionise the World."

Touga wasn't shocked. Of course the boy knew about the Revolution.

"You have nobility, no matter how deep you hide it. So I shall give you a kiss as your reward."

The boy leaned over, and brushed his lips against Touga's cheek, and Touga - who was never fazed by a kiss - was forced to shudder.

The merry-go-round started to turn faster, and the black horse was moving backwards, and the white horse moving forwards. The boy disappeared into the distance, though Touga knew it was impossible, that the boy would come back, because merry-go-rounds worked in a /circle/...

"This is your consolation," said the boy, and it sounded like it came from a very long way away.
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