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Roll Up. Roll Up. Auditions.

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Yet again. More Auditions. Wanna be ain a story? xDakota

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So I know I am a bit of an audition whore at the moment, but seeing as I have finished a lot of my old stories I thought why not? And If you read my note I posted a few days ago, you will know that I am moving house soon and while clearing out my old bookcases I keep coming across stories that I think with some changes and original ideas thrown in, would make okayish stories. Anyway the book in question is “Scarlett” by Cathy Cassidy. I read a few of her books and for some reason she reminds me a little bit of Jacqueline Wilson. I dunno why, anyway I`m rambling.
So the plot is basically this. Gerard and Lyn-z marry and have Bandit. Neither one of them are famous in this by the way. He finds someone else and leaves. Years later when the once innocent Bandit is a teenager, a troubled one at that and is sent by her mother as a last resort to go and live with Gerard. She is certain she is going to hate it and is determined to have as little to do with Gerard, his fiancé and their child as possible. Instead of the wicked stepmother from hell and her demon spawn, Bandit is greeted by a loving family, who welcome her with open arms.
So the parts I need Are: a half sister for Bandit, the sister`s best friend, two or three people Bandit befriends, Bandit`s mysterious love interest (girl or guy.) and Gerard`s fiancé.
Here is what I need, please be as descriptive as possible. please read all of it as some parts have questions (located right at the bottom) specific to them.
Name (full name):
Age(if auditioning for the half sister or sister`s friend it has to be within 13-15 and the fiancé has to be around thirtyish):
Clothing style(include shoes and jewellery)
Skin tone:
Body (like tall, thin, curvy, short ect):
Anything else to do with appearance like piercings or tattoos(please remember young teens can`t have tattoos):
Any quirks/bad habits?
Music taste:
Anything else?
And here are questions for specific parts:
How did you meet Gerard?
Did you know he was with Lyn-z at the time?
How do you feel about Bandit coming to stay?
What is your job?
For the love interest:
What attracted you to Bandit at first?
Do you really think it could be love or does it mean little to you?
In the book the character your part is based on has a sad past and spends most of the time riding their horse in the woods, which is where the girl first meets them. I am planning to have this happen in my story, is it alright with you? If not it is fine.
That is it I think, please audition I am looking forward to reading about your characters
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