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Oh Hai,Stef...

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Stefans P.O.V

"What are you doing,running around in the rain?" I asked smiling.
"Going to Starbucks to meet someone...oh shit! I'm so late,the guys are going to kill me!" She said looking at her watch.
"You need a lift?" I patted the passenger seat.
"Please?" She said while climbing into the car.
"So Starbucks then?"
"Yes please" she smiled.
"So how are you today?"
"I'm fine,how about you?"
"I'm perfect. So who are you meeting?"
"Oh,my friends. You could come if you want?"
"Well,I was supposed to be picking Ashley up so we could get filming but-" I stopped as I realised what I said.
"Filming what?" She asked.

Elenas P.O.V

We were nearly at Starbucks when I started humming a song of theirs,Lez Be Friends.
His eyes widened.
"Um,what's that you're humming,may I ask?" He said suspiciously.
"Oh just a song by a band I heard before.The Midnight Beast" he gasped a little."they're pretty awesome and they look a lot like you,Ashley and Dru and have the same names..." I giggled.
"How did you know?" He asked.
"Facebook and YouTube,duh"
"Yeah. If it makes you feel better,my brothers are Mikey and Gerard Way" his eyes bulged.
"From My Chemical Romance?"
"Yep" I smiled.
"I knew they looked familiar..." he muttered as we pulled up next to Starbucks.
I could see the guys sat in our booth in there and everybody staring at them.
Stef saw them too.
"Woah,they look awesome" he whispered and I smiled widely until they spotted me.
"Um,got to go. Bye Stefan" I said while getting out of his car.
"Oh,okay.Bye" he said.[\Was that a look of sadness I saw?/]

I ran into Starbucks and walked towards the guys.
"Hey guys" I said.
"I'm guessing he was why you were late." Andy said raising his perfect eyebrows.
"No! I mean no,of course not. We are just friends-I mean-" they all stared at me raising their eyebrows.
"I think our baby,Helen,has got herself a boyfriend" Ashley said and they all 'woop'ed and I swear I saw jealousy flash through his eyes.
"He's not my boyfriend!" I went red.
"So what's his name?" CC said.
"Stefan, but he's not my boyfriend!"
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