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Love You To Death (Frikey)

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Mikey is a mediator. A link between this world and the next. He hates it, but can one dead guy change his mind?

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I hated dreary old England before the plane even touched down on the ground at the airport. Well no, I tell a lie, I hated England long before that, even before I even boarded the cheep flight. It was when I first started doing research on the dull, rainy Country with my best (and only) friend, Alex that I had discovered that I had a slight dislike of the foreign country. And by slight, I meant severe. Out of the tiny window on my left side I was able to see nothing but dismal, most likely rain filled clouds. Not a very cheery welcome to a different country and a new home, now was it? I mean, I hadn`t been expecting blistering heat and golden beaches with crystal clear water lined with palm trees, but the sun was t least allow to make a brief appearance here, right?
I sigh and shut my tired, hazel eyes knowing full well that I wouldn`t sleep, praying I would and that when I awoke this would all just be a terrible nightmare. I would wake up with a fright in my warm, familiar bed in my poster covered, badly painted basement room and be able to call Alex and have a good laugh about it. But this was reality, cold and harsh. I would never wake up in my old room again, and I couldn`t call Alex and laugh about this nightmare, because it was now my reality.
A dry cough from a nearby, elderly passenger momentarily distracts me and I open my eyes. The plane was full of so many people, of all different ages. They all had different stories, different reasons for being here, but they were all headed to the same place. Hell on Earth. Also known as England.
Why was I here? Simple. My often rather impulsive, Madonna loving mother had recently married this English guy, James. He was nice I suppose, tall with ash blonde hair and twinkly blue eyes and an accent that could melt the hearts of even the coldest bitches. I wasn`t resentful or anything. I was happy for her, despite her possibly not fully thought out plan of having to move to a completely different country, forcing me to leave the only friend, I wasn`t in the slightest bit resentful. Or annoyed. Or pissed off.
To be fair on her, James really was a good, honest guy. And I could tell that he really did care about her, you could see it in his eyes; hear it in the way he spoke to her. He made her happy, and after what she had been through in the past seven, nearly eight years since the crash, she honestly did deserve some kind of happiness.
So no, it wasn`t the fact that she had moved on and found herself someone to replace dad that bugged me. It was the whole moving, being forced to leave everything I had ever known and loved behind that did. True, it wasn`t like I was leaving much behind apart from Alex and bitter memories, but still. I hadn`t even been to a different state before, let alone another Country. I was scared shitless.
Oh, and did I mention the fact that James had three teenage children from his previous marriage? No? Well he did.
First there was the oldest, Heather. She was seventeen and was completely in love with all things Australian. Don`t ask why, I didn`t know. She also had short electric blue hair, had snakebites and always wore a ton of black eyeliner around her bright blue eyes.
Then there was the middle child, Pepper. She was sixteen and reddish brown hair that fell in soft curls down her back and dark brown eyes. She wore little makeup and very surprisingly was a cheerleader, something that shocked me when James told me.
And last the youngest, Eden. The fourteen and a half year old also enjoyed reading, had chin length auburn hair and blue grey eyes. She had no piercings, like Pepper and often wore brightly coloured lipsticks that somehow managed to look nice on her.
I had only met the three girls once, and that had been at the wedding in August, before Mom had left me to live with My Gran, Elena while she got things settled for me in England. That was the only reason I was flying out on my own today, I had no school to go to.
Everyone was there to greet me when I got off the plane. And they were even holding a brightly coloured, large paper sign reading “Welcome home Mikey!” on it, making my stomach tighten uncomfortably. I had been ready to hate them all, but how could I when they had gone to such effort?
“How was your flight?” James asks politely, taking hold of one of my bags.
I just shrug and rearrange my black worn looking Misfits one on my shoulder.
“Oh Mikes!” my Mom hugs me tightly, ignoring my feeble protests. I hated being called that and she knew it. Mikes was what Gerard called me, no one else but him. I shoot the three girls a mean, threatening look in case they ever decided to call me it.
“I’m so glad you`re finally here Sweetie!” She says, plastering my disgruntled, reddening face with kissed while trying to choke me with her arms. “It didn`t really feel like home without you, but now it will do. Just wait until you see your new room, James and the girls all helped to fix it up really nice for you.”
I nod mumbling a quick thanks, not even wanting to think about my new room. Even though most of my stuff had been shipped over, my posters, Cds, the sketches of Gerard`s I had saved, it still wouldn`t feel like my room. It wouldn’t be the same.
As I buckle on my seatbelt and James starts up the car, I stare out of the tinted window, wishing I was back home, knowing that from now on things would never be the same again…

So that is the first chapter guys. What do ya think? Good? Eh? Shit? This is basically just setting the scene; things will (hopefully) soon become more exciting. And as for the slight England bashing, I`m from England so I figured I can bash it if I want to. Don`t see how it can offend anyone but if it does I`m sorry. I don`t really hate England, but Mikey just does because of the whole being forced to move there thing. Pretty understandable, right? So please let me know what you think so far and thanks for reading. Oh and as I stated in the auditions this is based on a series of books I read ages ago but don`t worry, I`m only really using a small part of it. xoxodakota
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