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Chapter 9

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Die die we all pass away... well, most of us...

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Another update :) this one is not all that cheery, and contains slightly detailed murder... so yeah, if you dont want to read that, just don't read the last two paragraphs, by then it is quite obvious who is going to be killed... oh, and Kirrah, Hannah and Ji will get the joke behind the summary if they read this :P

Gerard’s POV

The object of my desire, Frank, practically ran out of the classroom when the bell went, I chuckled as I walked slowly but confidently out of the room and into the blood bag – oh, I mean human student filled corridors with a dark smirk on my face.

“Yo faggot!” yelled a blond, built up boy at Frank, “you think you can get away from me? It’s time for your beating!”
“Please just leave me alone Jace,” whimpered Frank.
I was about to help, to stop the blond boy when I saw my brother and Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she was now called, walking quickly towards Frank, I shrank back into the crowd, not wanting to be seen by them just yet.

“Get away from him,” hissed Mikey as he pushed Jace back into a row of lockers, Lizzie grabbed Frank by the arm and led him away from the scene as Mikey punched Jace in the face, breaking his nose and followed the other two away, leaving Jace on the floor, holding his nose and trying to stop the flow of delicious, red, thick blood.

I walked quickly over to him, pretending to be concerned for him as I helped him up and took him to the bathrooms where I pushed him lightly towards the sink and blocked the door to stop anyone else from getting in.
“Thanks man, I’m gonna smash those two freaks one day,” hissed Jace. This boy sickened me, it was time for him to die.
“You mean Frank and Mikey?” I asked, faking interest.
“Yeah, don’t you just hate those little freaks?” he asked, still facing the sink, holding his nose to stop the flow of blood streaming from it.
“No,” I answered, “but I hate you.”
“What did you say?” he hissed as he spun around on his heel and walked quickly towards me, forgetting his still bleeding nose as I leaned on the bathroom wall, a bored look upon my face.
“You heard me,” I said before I started to examine my nails.

His hands balled to fists, his face contorted in rage and went a little red, his body tensed up, ready to attack. Too bad I was ten steps ahead of him, I grabbed the fist he swung at me and twisted it behind his back, making him squirm in discomfort.
“What the fuck dude?! Let me go!” he yelled angrily as he struggled feebly to get away.
“Why should I? You are just a pathetic little mortal, who thinks he is better than the others, you are not. All humans are weak, pathetic little creatures, some have the potential to become great, but you do not,” I whispered menacingly into his ear as I moved my hands so that they rested on his shoulders.

All in one swift movement, I spun him around so that he was facing me, placed one hand on his throat and squeezed a little, making it impossible for him to scream, drew back my other arm and plunged it into his chest, I could feel his organs pulsating around my hand, his muscles shaking, clenching and un-clenching from the pain as his life blood flowed away. His heart grew weakened, his struggles lessened and his ragged breaths grew shorter. He was on the verge of death.

“I’ll let you in a little secret before you die,” I whispered into his ear, “we all die, but some of us come back to life, I have the power to bring you back, to make you immortal, but you have proven that you are a pathetic excuse for a life form, every breath you took was a waste of air, have fun in hell, if I die, I’ll see you there.”

so, what did you think? I know it was short, but oh well, please R&R? I would really love some feedback...
-Sarah xx
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