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A Political Rant.

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My opinion on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. You may or may not want to read it. Depends on what you believe in.

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First of all, please watch this video and tell me if it gave you chills or not


First of all, I swear to you this is not an attack against Jews. That would be stupid considering one of my best friends is Jewish...And she fucking agrees with me.


has any of you ever just thought for a second about you all the horrible things Palestinians go through every single day?

How would you feel if someone walked into your home, stole it away from you, and continued bombing you and hurting you? I'm sorry if any Israeli or Zionist is reading this, and I'm sorry if I have offended you, but really, have you no shame?

Palestine WILL be given back to the Arabs, I only hope there is no violence, Israel's history is too full of violence.

Someone said Palestinians are brought up to hate Israel, I don't know if that's true, but also Israeli's are brought up to hate Palestinians, so what's your point?

This land does not belong to you, you can't claim it as yours for something that has happened over a thousand years ago.

There are many, many Jews against the Israelis position on Palestine. They see it as terribly unjust. We have to stop letting governments and leaders tear us apart. The majority of the world's population want peace and love - we can not let the 1% have their way.

I posted my argument on a different site before,

someone said: To be sung to the tune of Handel's Messiah: God bless Israel. God bless Israel. God Bless Israel. God bless Israel. God bless Israel. Amen!

my reply: you can say that all you want, you have every right.
Now hand me some legitimate UN Resolutions to justify your stance on why God Should bless Israel, you know, ones that God would approve of (aka no war crimes, no apartheid rulings, no occupations, equal rights, civil human rights)
and then we can all agree to bless Israel together.

On a different argument, a lot of people agreed with me

Someone said: History - you justify your murder, theft and ethnic cleansing because of events 1000s of years ago. You have no more claim to that land than anyone else, and in fact less because you went away. Other people live there, it's not ours, what makes you think you can invade and behave with such brutality? And why even try to justify your crimes? Why not just kill them all, as you said? It would be quicker and you've already lost your humanity. And everyone else hates you anyway.

Another person said: Friendly Palestinians - why should they be friendly? You've invaded their land, murdered and dispossessed them, and it's still going on. Would YOU be friendly in the same circumstances? What do I expect - that this monstrous wrong be corrected, go away would be a good solution. With you still there, there will never be peace. Would Israel want peace in the same circumstances? Concession - there's only one concession that will bring peace - go away.

Anyway that was just my perspective. I'd LOVE to hear your opinions. I won't "bash" you if you think oppositely. But I would still like to hear your opinions.

-Poison Ivy
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