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Come on Skinny Love what happened here

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Franks mad and Gerard feels the consequnces.

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Hello :)

Three days Later
Franks POV
He asked me if i was gay? Who does he think he is? Of course i'm not, like i said, i'm with Georgia and we're in love. Yes, very much so actually. I stretch as the darkness of the day outside comes through the pink,lace curtains. The rain patters softly on the glass and i watch the raindrops race one another down the glass for a few empty moments. Distracting me from my failures, distracting me from the past few days and distracting me from my sleeping, naked girlfriend next to me.

I throw my shirt and jeans back on and am all set to make a break for it but instead i run into my least favourite person right now. Bob, standing there pyjama clad in the kitchen gawping at me in my dishevelled form. "Frank? What are you doing here?" He asks me calmly although i can tell his blood is practically boiling with rage inside him. "Um-er-huh?" Is my completely calm and collected reply to his simple question. "Look." He says approaching me like a vulture. "I don't care if you're gay, we're still mates. But i do care if you're using my sister as your cover up." He says eyeing me curiously. I return his cold gaze and repeat myself yet again. " I am not fucking gay." And with that i walk away.


I slump over the bar and take a long cool drink of my Jack Daniels and Coke. Mom watches from her position behind the bar, pretending to be occupied wiping the wine glasses with a cloth. We hadn't really spoken since the incident at dinner that day, apart from her taking my order and her being obliged to say hello when i walked in A. She had to do this as part of her job as Barmaid and B. She was my Mother and it was kinda her job. "Alright Love, what can i get you?" I hear my mother call and i glance towards the door. Gerard.

"Nothing Thankyou. I'm just calling in for a moment." He smiles fondly at her and to my horror he begins strolling towards me. I shiled my face with my bangs and pray he will understand that i do not want to speak to him. Nor see him. Nor do i want him questioning me and firing false accusations about my orientation.

"Frank, we need to talk." He says calmly, much to my dismay he approached me after all.
"No, we don't." I say returning to drink.
"We do. Why are you so ashamed? I didn't find it easy but i felt better. People accept me and i can actually be myself. I didn't want to keep hiding behind a mask, you'll regret this facade. I know you will." Seeing my flaring up anger Dayle approaches me and lays a hand upon my shoulder, likewise with my mother we're not exactly on good terms, but we're talking at least and civil. Plus, he's allowed me to stay despite everything.
"Frank, are you okay? Who's this?" He says and i simply dismiss him.
"Nobody Dayle. I'm fine." I say still clearly pissed to pretty much everyone in the room.
"Please just accept it. Accept yourself." Gerard blindly continues and yet again i flip. I stand from my stool and in a split second i flare up in pure rage. My fist colliding with the side of Gerards ghostly face. The last thing i see is his skinny frame falling to the concrete floor.
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