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On The Count Of 3...

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"You know what?" Kayla said as she put her coat away at home. "I really don't like you right now."
Maybe it was meant to be that Fred had forgotten Tom called. With it being so late, there was no way Kayla could call over there, even if she'd been tempted to.
Fred grinned. "That's fine, as long as you like me tomorrow."
"Tomorrow is debatable. Depending on what you do then to ruin my life." She stomped down the hall to her room.
Though she shut her door behind her, Fred ignored the privacy sign and barged in.
"You forget how to knock?" She said, slipping out of her boots.
Flopping back on her bed, messing her comforter, he said, "Why are you in such a bad mood?"
"How many other phone calls have you forgotten to tell me about?"
"None! Jeez! Well..." He looked at the ceiling as if trying to remember. "I guess I have forgotten a few of Jerkwad's calls."
Jerkwad was Fred's nickname for Tom. "He has a name, you know." Kayla pulled a pair of shorts out of her dresser, then a Harley Davidson t-shirt.
"Yeah. I know. Jerkwad."
Did Fred know that they'd kiss? He'd been pestering her to drop Tom since she started hanging out with him, even going so far as threaten Tom behind her back. Of course, Tom just rolled his eyes.
"I'm not seeing Tom anymore," Kayla muttered, slipping several silver bracelets off her wrist. Kayla refused to embarrass herself. The only way she knew that she couldn't embarrass herself around Tom was to stop seeing him. She was confused, to say the least. If Tom kissed her back, then why did he run off?
Fred sat up on the bed. "Seriously?"
She sighed, finally turning to him. "Yeah."
"You... okay?" He furrowed his brow.
"I guess," She answered.
Fred stood. "Do you want me to kick his ass?" Hands clenched into fists, he threw a few punches in the air. "'cause i would get so much pleasure out of breaking his nose."
She groaned. "No, I don't want you to punch him, Fred. God."
He let his hands fall. "Why not?"
"Oh, I don't know, maybe because fighting is dumb, and it wasn't like Tom deliberately hurt my feelings."
"But he did hurt your feelings?"
She ignored that question, instead pushing Fred out into the hallway so she could change and get into bed. "Fred," she moaned. "Go away.
"So he broke up with you?"
With him in the hallway now, she put herself squarely in the door frame and crossed her arms over her chest. "We were never together. We were just friends dating...or something. Now, good night."
She reached to shut the door, but Fred stopped her. "Seriously, Kay, you're okay though?"
"I'm okay," she said, looking him straight in the eye.
"'cause if you need me to kick his ass," He went on, "Just say the word."
"You will not be kicking anyone's behind, Fred," Robin said, coming up the stairs.
"Sorry," He said automatically.
"Night," Robin said, kissing Fred on the forehead and going into her room.
"Just say the word!" Fred whispered before turning and running down the steps.
Kayla rolled her eyes and went to bed.
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