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Cave Woman

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Cheyenne decides to confront Eric after their breakup.

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Cheyenne parked her car in the back row of the parking lot. The sun was just setting, casting pinks and oranges in the sky off on the horizon. The snow had stopped falling earlier in the morning, but with the wind blowing it back and forth, it almost seemed like it was snowing.
It sucked being heartbroken. Cheyenne wondered what it'd be like to feel nothing at all. On the other hand, she'd never been depressed or the type of girl to cry over a break up. She felt frustrated with her recent breakup with Eric, not sad.
Right now, she felt excitement and anticipation as she looked at the large building in front of her, wondering if maybe Eric was on the inside. Robin promised her Eric wouldn't be there, but Cheyenne was kind of hoping he was.
She wanted to see because she looked hot in her silky black dress and new silver heels. Also, her hair cooperated nicely after her shower and now hung around her shoulders.
Someone knocked on the passenger window of Cheyenne's car. She jumped and brought her hand halfway to her chest.
"What are you doing?" Kayla yelled. "Are you going to stay in your car all night?"
Cheyenne turned the key and the car shut off. She pushed open the driver's door and met Kayla at the front of the car. Kayla was wrapped in Tom's leather jacket, her arms crossed tightly over her chest. A red dress hung from beneath the jacket. "Let's get inside where it's warm!" Kayla jogged as best as she could in her gold, glitter platform heels over the snow-covered parking lot while holding her dress down with her arms.
Kayla held the side door open for Cheyenne. The wind followed him inside until Kayla slammed the door on it.
Cheyenne pulled off her jacket and hung it one of the multitude of gold hooks on the wall.
Inside the main room, Cheyenne was met with loud music sung in another language. Ryan's wife was Jewish and insisted they have a Jewish wedding ceremony.
Lights flooded the dance floor where children danced with their parents. The room was dark except for the flicker of candles on each of the round tables.
"Robin's dad went all out for the reception." Kayla said, "probably because Ryan is the youngest. Well, he still has Robin's wedding to pay for."
Cheyenne nodded her head as she looked around the room for Eric.
Kayla caught Cheyenne's eyes wondering and said, "He's over by the drink table."
Cheyenne turned to the food table where she'd seen a keg and bottles of wine. Eric was there, a plastic cup in his hand. His eyes were locked on her, but there was another girl hanging from his shoulder.
He was in dress clothes, too, with a white tie that complimented his blond hair. His hair was longer than the last time she'd seen him, darker, too.
Cheyenne didn't recognize the girl. She was probably twenty-seven or so, but she appeared older. Her lips were rimmed in red lipstick that would stain Eric's collar by the end of the night. Her boobs looked pushed up with a bra, the cleavage sticking out of a low-cut dress.
"Who's the girl with Eric?" Cheyenne asked Kayla, who had been at the reception since 7:00.
"I don't know. She's been hanging around Eric since she got here. I think she's related to the bride. Like, a cousin or something."
Cheyenne tried to breath out the jealousy, but it burrowed deep into her chest. Although they'd broken up, she couldn't help but feel like she still had some sort of claim on Eric. Certainly more than that white trash around his shoulder!
Cheyenne strutted across the oak floor, her heels clipping along as if cheering her on. She stood in front of Eric. The girl's complexion was blotchy and the oils on her nose shone in the light. Her nose was crooked and the foundation she used was two shades lighter than her actual skin tone.
Cheyenne plastered on a smile. "Hey," she said, hoping that Eric's across-the-room eye contact had been a sign that he still loved her and wasn't about to blow her off in front of the enemy.
"Hey," he said. He set his cup down on the table behind him and shoved his hands inside his pants pockets.
The girl looked Cheyenne over as if threatened.
"Can i talk to you for a minute?" He said, and shot the girl a look like, "Scram."
The girl curled her upper lip but darted away.
"Sure," Cheyenne said, pleased with the outcome of that situation.
Eric grabbed her arm gently and led her through a door behind the drink table. They entered a kitchen where several people worked, packing away extra food and cleaning dirty dishes. The air smelled like salty fish and chicken soup.
Eric headed through another door and took them into a hallway and then into an empty room that looked like a dressing room. He sat down on the couch along the wall and patted the cushion next to him. "Sit down for a second?"
She hesitated. He was being so nice, but at the same time, she knew she shouldn't be alone with him.
She sat down but was sure to keep some distance between them.
"So, uh," Eric said, shifting to face her. "I'm sorry."
"Well, I'm glad we had this talk," she said, ready to get up. She was starting to get uncomfortable.
"Me, too." He paused, then scooted closer to her, taking her hand in his.
Maybe she'd gone too far with the black dress and the act she'd put on to drive the other girl away. Had she led him on?
Back here, away from the main room and stereo, it was almost silent. She wondered if her breathing sounded too quick or whether or not Eric was getting the wrong impression. She was feeling claustrophobic and defiantly not excited.
She mad a move to leave again but Eric tightened his grip on her hand. "Wait." He pulled her into a hug. "I've missed you."
He tilted her chin up with a finger and kissed her. At first she didn't stop him, mainly because she was frozen in place. She'd kissed him so many times before, that it just felt natural, like slipping into a comfy but holey sweatshirt she should have thrown out long ago. He wound his arm around her waist and guided her back against the couch so that they were both lying down.
Heat brushed her cheeks, while her mind screamed, "Stop!"
She slid out from beneath Eric and practically jumped off the couch.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"We're not together. I'm with Nikki!"
"We can be together," He stood up, towering over her. "I want to be together."
The only reason he was saying that now was because he wanted to sleep with her.
"I'm going." she said, pulling open the door on the dressing room and hurrying down the hallway.
Eric ran after her. "Wait, Chey."
"Don't call me Chey." He made the nickname sound wrong.
"I've always called you Chey. Stop, would you?"
"There's nothing to say!"
"If you don't want to get back together, then why did you scare Inga away like you were jealous or something?"
Cheyenne slowed. "Who's Inga?"
"The girl i was with when you came up."
She shook her head. She didn't have a good awnser to that one. It was a huge mistake. "I'm done talking."
"Cheyenne, damn it. Stop being a bitch." His voice had turned harsh. If Kayla were here right now, she'd say Cheyenne didn't deserve to be treated like this.
Cheyenne had no idea how she should be treated. She wasn't some princess that needed to be waited on- but she certainly didn't deserve to be called a bitch.
she thought Nikki did the best job of treating her well. It's been the best any guy has ever treated her. She respected him, and he respected her. That's the difference between Nikki and Eric. Respect.
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