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When Doves Cry

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Kayla calls Tom's house only for his mother to pick up the phone.

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Kayla picked up the phone and dialed Tom's number. As she line rang, she sat down on her bed and crossed her legs in front of her. She watched out the window as snowflakes blew in a whirlwind. The sun had just set so the sky was a washed-out indigo.
"Hello?" A woman answered; her voice sweet and inviting.
"Oh. Is Tom there?"
In the background, Kayla could hear a young boy screaming about a stuffed toy. She heard someone shush the boy, and soon after, music played, tiny and tinkly, as if it were a music box.
"No, he just left. He's picking up a few things."
"Oh, well can you let him know that Kayla called?"
A long pause. Kayla began to wonder if the woman on the other line hung up. But then she took in a deep breath and said, "I'll let him know, sweetheart."
The boy started screaming again and a dog barked as the doorbell rang. "Liz, will you get that! Tom probably locked himself out, again." The woman called.
Kayla waited.
The woman pulled her attention back to Kayla. "He'll be right with you."
She heard a door slam and Tom's voice saying, "I went to three different stores and this was the only one i could find."
"That's okay. Thank you, Tom Tom." The woman said. "There's a girl on the phone for you, too."
"There is?"
Kayla heard shuffling noises then breathing. "Tom, is that you?" she said.
"Kayla? Hey!" He sounded surprised to hear from her. "How's it going?"
"It's going good! what's going on? Who awnsered your phone?"
"My mom... my sister and her son are over here, too. you know, for the holidays..."
"Oh." Kayla knew that Tom hasn't told his mother about their relationship yet, but he was planning on it soon. Maybe this weekend, during the Holiday season.
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