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This is gonna hurt

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Cheyenne attends Nikki's art show

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Cheyenne checked her reflection in the darkened windows of a closed shoe store. Hmm. She pulled her coat aside to see her figure better. She was glad she decided to go with a dress rather than a skirt.

Up ahead, light shone on the sidewalk through the windows of The Birch Falls Art Gallery. Cheyenne gave her watch a glance and cursed, realizing the open reception had already begun. She quickened her steps. Not only did she leave the house ten minutes late, but the parking downtown was brutal. Though most of the stores were closed, Miller's Cafe- just down the block from the gallery- was always busy Friday nights.

Inside the gallery, Cheyenne slid off her elbow-high gloves and shoved them into her purse.

She didn't recognize any of the faces as she went further inside. She found Nikki in the far corner, talking to a young woman whose thin figure and height screamed Playmate.

A twinge of jealousy furrowed her brow and she hesitated, wondering if it was right to interrupt their conversation since she and Nikki were sort-of couple, or if it would be rude. She took tentative steps across the gallery, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

As Nikki talked with his hands, he saw Cheyenne waiting on the periphery. "One minute," he said to the Playmate.

Relief took over the worry, and Cheyenne smiled. If he'd rather talk to her than a Playmate, he must like her more, right?

"Hey," Nikki breathed into her ear, then kissed her cheek delicately. "You're late," He said, the smile on his face slipping away.

"Sorry," she cast her eyes to the floor.

"Well." he took a breath. "You want to see my pieces?"


He led her to the far wall where he'd been talking to the skinny Playmate. "This one is my favorite." He inclined his head towards the photograph. He threaded his fingers with hers and led her away from his collection into a little room filled with black-and-white photography.

When they went inside, Cheyenne found the room empty.

"This guy," Nikki was saying, "Is really good though his style is a bit out there. He doesn't fit normal conventions. That's what i like about him." He put his arm around her shoulders and drew her in.

She snuggled in close to him.

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