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Puppy Love

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Kayla goes to a bar and meets Tom Keifer

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Kayla got out of her car, looked at the Empire Rock Club straight ahead and then to the Mcdonald's off to her right. Stupid Big Macs. Why did they have to be so good? She locked her car and headed inside the club, trying to ignore the scent of french fries enticing her to join the dark side.

Thankfully, once she got inside the club, the enclosed space and air-conditioning blocked out the divine scent of fast food.

Kayla waved to her friend Cheyenne from across the room as she put her car keys into her pocket.

Her heels clicked on the freshly polished floors. The neon lights above the bar gave the room a glow. In the far corner of the bar was a small stage set up with amps and a drum set.

Someone cleared their throat behind Kayla. She whirled around.

"You aren't Fred." The guy said.

Kayla couldn't even shake her head. This guy was incredibly hot! Kayla couldn't pull her eyes away from his gorgeous lips or his defined chest. It didn't help that his shirt wasn't buttoned and exposed every crease on his upper torso.

"So where is Fred? He said that he'd meet me here." He said.

"Umm... Well..." Her heart was beating rapidly in her head. She could hardly hear herself think. "I'm his friend, Kayla. I'm waiting for him, too."

The guy shook his head. He approached Kayla, giving her a better view of his face. He had one of those perfect, straight noses and icy blue eyes that complimented his dark hair. He had a crooked tooth that gave his smile an extra element of cuteness.

Kayla couldn't tell how old he was- maybe twenty-two.

"I'm Tom." He said.

Kayla nodded in acknowledgment.

"Hi." Cheyenne said, approaching the table, watching Tom.

"Hey, Chey." Kayla said.

"I'll catch Fred later. If you see him, let him know that i was looking for him, please."

Kayla watched as Tom strutted towards the stage, his long-legged strides-

"Oh my god," Cheyenne said, bringing Kayla out of her reverie.

"What?" Her cheeks had gone pink.

"Who was he?"

"Tom... He's Fred's friend."

"He's hot..."

"I know." Kayla ranked her teeth over her bottom lip.
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