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Koo-Koo Ka-Choo

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Kayla gets some unwanted customers at work

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Rain pelted the front windows of the coffee shop. Thunder rolled off to the west just seconds after a flash of lightning streaked across the darkened sky. It was only Six o' clock, but looking outside, Kayla could have easily mistaken it for ten.

Because of the weather, the coffee shop was buzzing with activity. Most of the tables and chairs were taken. Conversation mixed with soft jazz music playing on the stereo. Kayla brewed a few shots of espresso while Fred threw ingredients for a frappe in the blender. He turned it on, and the ice crunched loudly.

She ignored him as she stirred the freshly made latte. She handed it to the waiting customer and took the next order as she poured two shots of french vanilla syrup into the cappuccino. Fred came over and nudged her.

"What?" She said.

He popped a cinnamon candy in his mouth and grinned at her. He had that look in his eyes. If they were alone and not in the middle of a coffee shop with fifty billion eyes on them, Fred would have kissed her just then. Fred was always looking for an excuse to kiss her. If Kayla gave him a cold slice of pizza, he would thank her by giving her a kiss. It was just Fred's way.

They went back to making their coffees.

As the rain relented and the thunder dissipated, the coffee shop crowd thinned out. Kayla finally had the chance to sweep and clean. She was emptying out the garbage cans when the front door opened and Tom walked in.

With a girl.

Kayla faltered and Tom caught her.

He didn't seem to smile or grin wickedly.

Instead, his eyes swept swiftly over her as if he didn't see her at all.

The girl looked at Kayla, too. But her eye contact lasted a bit longer. She wasn't extreamly pretty or the kind of girl Kayla pictured Tom to be with. She had blond hair and a big, crooked nose. Her eyes were small, as if they were squinted.

She wore a black knee-length pencil skirt with black tights and a white t-shirt beneath a cheap leather jacket.

When Tom set his hand at the small of her back, her face instantly glowed.

Fred took their orders, and they sat at the table off in the corner.

What was Tom doing here? Kayla remembered when Tom said he hated the taste of coffee. Did he know that he was in a coffee shop, she wondered.

Kayla scooped up the garbage bags and embarrassment colored her cheeks. The bags were suddenly cumbersome in her hands, banging against her legs. She wrestled them to the back room and then to the dumpster outside.

The cool air left over from the storm felt good on her hot cheeks.

Was Tom trying to make her jealous? Because he was doing a good job of it.

Or maybe Kayla read the signals wrong. Maybe Tom had never liked her in the first place. Maybe he'd always intended to keep their friendship on a strictly friend basis.

And why did she care anyway? She was freaking out and they weren't even together! They never have been, and never will be.

Back inside, wanting to keep herself busy, she grabbed a lint roller and went around the upholstered furniture. When Fred was finished waiting on his last customer, he came over.

"What are you doing after this?"

Kayla peeled a sticky layer off the roller and ran it over the cushion on the pumpkin-colored chairs in front.

"Probably the dishes."

"No," He said quickly. "What are you doing after work?"

Tom stood just behind her.

"You're going on a date with Fred?" He said, a smile on his face.

"No, I-"

"Yeah," Fred teased.

"No, I'm not!" Kayla finally had the chance to say. "I have things to do after work. I'm sorry Fred."

"Things? Like what?" Fred plopped down on the couch as Kayla moved onto the next chair.

Tom stared at her, waiting for an awnser.

"Just, things..."

"Like eat? Shower? That kind of stuff?" Tom added.

His girlfriend came up behind him. "Ready?" She said to him.

"Later," He said and led his girlfriend out the door.

Kayla watched Tom out the front window of the coffee shop. He held the passenger-side door of his car open as his girlfriend climbed in.

"That's Tom's girlfriend, Emily. In case you were wondering..." Fred caught her staring out the window as the car drove out of the parking lot.

"I figured..." Kayla sighed as she dropped the lint roller on the chair, throwing up her hands, and stomping to the back room of the shop to be alone.
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